Online tools nowadays are the go-to platform if you are facing some troubles with your online documents. Some online tools like GoGoPDF focus their services on the file Portable Document Format or PDF, which can be your lifesaver if you're facing difficulties with your PDFs.

You can use this kind of platform to solve the problems you might encounter in your PDF files or improve your PDF file's features to be more convenient to the reader. Hence, being knowledgeable in the online tools in their platform can be an advantage. This article will discuss some of the online tools that you should be using in your PDF.

Adding Watermark To Your PDF
One of the online tools you should be using in your PDF is the online tool "Add Watermark To PDF" This online tool will allow you to put ownership to your PDF file. This can be a useful tool if you have contents that need having ownership to avoid getting stolen and reproduced without your consent.

In adding a watermark to your PDF file, you can type in the watermark that you want to be added to your PDF file. However, it is recommended to upload your photo, which you can use for your branding. Creating your image or brand picture is an essential way for people to recognize your work and remember you for future interests.

In order to start adding a watermark to your PDF file, you will need your personal device, the PDF file, and a stable internet connection if you have no experience in adding a watermark into a PDF file. You can add a watermark to your PDF files by following these simple steps. 

Select the PDF file that you want to insert a watermark.
Type in the text you want to be your watermark or upload your personalized photo.
Wait for the processing of your newly watermarked PDF file. 
You can now email or download it to your device.

eSign PDF
There are some scenarios that you will need to have a signature in your PDF file. In this kind of event, an online tool from GoGoPDF like "eSign PDF" can be a great tool to help you with your needs. You can add your signature in your PDF file with ease and convenience, leading to saving up your time and effort.

Having an online tool like this can help you boost your productivity as you can now process your documents faster when using the platform of GoGoPDF in the different scenarios of needs in your online documents. You may not need this online tool now, but this can be a useful tool to be knowledgeable about for future online documents needs.

If you want to eSign your PDF file using the platform of GoGoPDF, you can visit their website with your own choice of device that your PDF file is stored and have a stable internet connection, and you are good to go. Follow the steps that will be provided once you click on the online tool.

You will need to move the PDF file into their system.
Create your own signature with your mouse. You can also upload an image of your signature, which is a more reliable option.
Keep track of the process of your PDF file.
Once everything is set, you can now download your newly converted PDF file into your choice of storage.

Add Number Pages
This next online tool is best used for research and books. The online tool "Add Number Pages" will help you put a number page in your PDF file pages. This will allow the reader to be their guide in navigating through your PDF file. This is mainly used for books, finished research, magazines, and other content that might have a vast number of pages.

To add number pages in your PDF file, you can follow these steps, which will help you have a smooth experience in converting your PDF file.

Upload the PDF file that needs adding a number page.
Choose the pages that you want the number pages to appear.
Select how you want to share your newly converted PDF file.
You can download your newly converted PDF file.

There are many online tools that you can use for your PDF files that can help the documents themselves be better than before. These are merely some of the online tools that help you lessen your effort and have a more productive life.