Video is one of the best ways to drive audience attention. It helps the individual to stay on the page for at least 15-30 seconds. If your video is interesting, the audience will obviously spend more time. Video is one of the most preferred and highly used SEO tools to gain the best rankings. Adding video to your website can drive more traffic which can eventually lead to higher rankings of your website in search engines.

Here are the top 8 reasons why and how video impacts the SEO ranking 

1. Google Considers Video 

The videos are short and sweet; they are also one of the best options to improve the SEO because Google cares about the video posts. Google gives importance to quality content which is also relevant to the search made. Google has changed the algorithm which now not only looks at the text but also gives importance to video caption and the tags. Google focuses on quality visuals as well to show a variety of information to the users.

2. Reach Mass Audience

Pictures and videos convey the message in a short and precise way. A huge message can be conveyed in just 50 seconds video rather than hundreds of pages. Video works as a powerful storyteller and even a short video is power-packed with needful information. People prefer when the information is conveyed in a short and crispy way. Moreover, people love to share videos with interesting messages with their friends and folks. 

3. Emotional Connection 

A video emotionally showcases the message, it is also easy to consume and engage with the mass audience. The entire concept connects with the audience, and the conversion rates are also high. When the information is easy and accessible it will automatically increase the SEO. Videos are designed to focus on the user experience; everything is seamlessly communicated to people in the form of excellent visuals, sound, and synchronization. Videos can be easily watched on mobiles and tablets. 

4. Video Pulls Traffic 

Yes, video is a traffic machine and the best quality video surely gets Google's attention. The website with the best video gets higher visits and the website with a higher visit automatically gets the better lead. Moreover, people can be redirected from YouTube and other social media websites to your business website via engaging video. The video which you create should have the best content so that more quality traffic can be drawn to the business website.

5. Customer Retention 

Google is one of the prominent search engines which pay close attention to the duration of people staying on your page. If more amount of traffic is coming from video, it is undeniably the best option to retain the customer. Video has all the needful elements to keep the audience glued to your page for longer time duration. People like to watch more videos rather than reading a couple of pages. Video is one of the ideal choices to encourage your customer to stay on the page and reduce the bounce rate. In short, the video contributes to a longer dwell time which increases the SEO and trustworthiness of the website.

6. Increase Click through Rate

People prefers to look for all kinds of information on Google, they trust and click on the result mentioned in the video. When you have a website with video, the click-through rate can automatically drive more attention and traffic. While creating a video, make sure to add an eye-catching thumbnail that is the first reason which drives audience attention.

7. Link Building 

A quality backlink is a must for the business website; it also affects the search engine ranking. The more people are linked to your content, the domain authority increases automatically. A better page ranking will increase the search result. When the video is on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook it is an excellent opportunity to build the link. In addition to it, higher social sharing increases the higher positions in SERP. Even if your video is not getting enough view, it is one of the ideal choices for building brand awareness and makes your logo get better visibility.

8. Improve value for SEO 

SEO building needs the right practice and long-term strategies. Positive SEO is a must for a business; you can elevate the SEO quality by using video. It had a terrific impact on the overall SEO. Video increases the Google traffic which ultimately increases the SEO game. SEO is hard to control but the video is one of the best picks to increase and improve SEO rankings in the long run. You can use Zutrix to check the rankings of your competitor’s websites to get a better understanding of video based keywords that can level up your ranking game. Consistently post the video to gain more viewers and reach. While creating a video don’t forget the technical part to boost the SEO. Include details like 

Title tag information
Keywords in description tag
Video length

At the end of the video keep a tab on the audience retention, a total number of subscribers, comments, likes, and dislikes. 

Final words 

Video is one of the best and most creative ways to increase SEO ranking on a long run. Be it business, brand or product, quality video immediately gets audience attention. 

People prefer watching video; it is engaging and super fun. Moreover, people connect with the emotions shared in video; it is one of the best marketing strategies. Video boost online visibility of a brand, increases traffic, reduces bounce rate and have positive effect on the website.