3D printing is not just one method of production. This concept encompasses several different processing technologies and is suited to specific applications. The right technology and material for you would be one of the first steps before introducing additive manufacturing within your company.

There are many different ways of printing 3D objects, including FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling, SLS, Binding Jetting, or SLA (Stereo-Lithography). You would have to find the right process, including powder-based technologies, filaments, and liquids. If you are interest in our products like Createbot super mini, visit our website. Stay with this post for knowing the benefits 3D printing provides

How is 3D printing beneficial?

Printing speed

You will build the models more easily. It is indeed quick to build a prototype using 3D printing: you just have to get a 3D model of the design and print it in 3D. This phase can only take a few days instead of taking weeks or months! So, you can render new versions by altering your 3D model and only print a new one if you're not happy with your first component.

Available to everyone

In the process of development of different companies such as dentists, listeners, aviation business, civil and military aeronautics, jewelers, etc. 3D printing has now improved above and beyond the articles that fall into the media spotlight. The more we focus on 3D printing, the more we can understand that 3D printing can't help very few businesses! Additional output is open to all, 3-dimensional printing can be introduced for all forms of enterprises.

Simple architecture and design

The freedom to design is one of the main benefits of 3D printing. You can reinvent all your ideas and make them permanent. Also, the most complicated geometries can be impressive. You are freed from typically produced constraints by using 3D printing. The design for a layer-by-layer process, as in 3D printing, is also very different: for 3D printing, for example, a 3D design created for injection molding is not adapted.

Custom designs

For many sectors, mass manufacturing may be a benefit from the medical industry to consumer goods manufacturing. For starters, additive processing enables prostheses or instruments in the medical industry to be made to measure. However, it also enables the development of adapted printed 3D glasses.

During digital manufacture, 3D design can be conveniently adapted with 3D modeling software and multiple versions of the same component are printed. If you need mass personalization, the cheapest and most effective method of making your products is by producing additives.

Greater flexibility

3D printing gives the organization greater versatility. You can only print 3D if you need a slice. You can also print 3D if you need to change a component. You can order the sum of pieces you want, no minimum, from 1 to 10K+ pieces you can only create what you need by using an online 3D printing service such as Sculpteo. 

A broad range of products and technology

You would need to define the requirements to select the right technology and content. If you need to print a heat-resistant part, a lightweight part, or a food-friendly part? There are several variables to consider when deciding, but knowing precisely what your needs are will help you to take advantage of 3D technology!