We all know the importance of handwashing, mask-wearing and carrying hand sanitiser with us wherever we go. However, few of us who know what to do should a building have a confirmed case of COVID-19. The answer to this is anti-covid bio fogging, this isn’t a new type of cleaning, but the pandemic has meant more and more commercial cleaners are offering this and we are here to bring you everything you need to know.

What Is Bio Fogging?
Bio-fogging is the process of spraying an electrostatic mist into the air that is formed of strong cleaning chemicals that can kill viruses, including COVID-19.

How Does Bio Fogging Work?
Rooms are pumped with fogging mist to such an extent that you would struggle to see through it. This means that these cleaning particles reach and adhere to every surface, including walls and ceilings. 

An antimicrobial residue is left on these surfaces, so not only does it kill viruses on impact, but it also creates a protective shield against viruses for at least 30 days after treatment as well.

Why Choose Bio Fogging Services
It’s Thorough 
Whether you have had a confirmed COVID-19 case in the building or are doing so as a precautionary measure, fogging is the most effective way you can protect colleagues and visitors against COVID-19.

While manually cleaning, scrubbing and sanitising can certainly help to prevent the spread of COVID-19, even the best cleaners don’t have the ability to reach every tiny area, cracks and hard-to-reach areas.

COVID fogging really does reach everywhere, even air vents, extremely high ceilings, round the back of cabinets.

It’s Effective 
When choosing a fogging service, make sure they use chemicals tested to EN14476 standards. Currently, this is the only standard that guarantees 100% effectiveness against COVID-19 and other harmful viruses, such as MRSA.

It’s Quick
One issue that many businesses have is having to wait before allowing employees and clients back into a building after a confirmed case. While waiting upwards of three days can be a good method to ensure that all traces of the virus are gone, this leads to valuable man-hours lost and a potential loss of revenue.

Bio-fogging takes only a few hours to be completed, depending on the size of the building and staff can return safely to the premises the very same day.

It’s Safe
Bio-fogging chemicals can be toxic during the process, therefore everyone will be asked to leave the building, but once this has been completed, it is perfectly safe for everyone to return.

Not only is it safe for humans, but also all surfaces. Bio-fogging doesn’t cause any negative impact on IT equipment, other electricals, such as lifts, paperwork or soft furnishings. Meaning all these areas can be treated and you don’t have to worry about covering them up. The only exception is open food containers and drinks.

It Keeps Protecting
Bio fogging doesn’t just kill any viruses during treatment, but it continues to protect those treated surfaces for up to 30 days. This is achieved by an antimicrobial residue being generated and settling on all surfaces. Many businesses are choosing to opt for fogging services once a month to provide the best protection possible to their staff members.

Finding The Best Fogging Services
With such a demand for this service, there is the inevitable element of some businesses cashing in on this money-making opportunity. While they may fog the area, they may not be doing it right so here are some elements to look out for.

As mentioned above, this is the only proven standard of cleaning chemical that ensures 100% effectiveness against COVID-19. Always ask what chemicals a provider uses and when in doubt, ask to see labels and certifications.

Not all misters are suitable for COVID-killing. The most common and cheap foggers are actually designed for public use and sold in garden centres for spraying on flower beds. These foggers won’t have the ability to reach every area.

Make sure your provider uses equipment that is specifically designed to combat viruses. Similarly, ask what training staff have been given to ensure they are using all of this correctly while also keeping themselves safe, including COSHH.

All reputable providers of fogging should be able to provide a risk assessment, statement methods and a completion certificate. Completion certificates are essential for your own records should you be accused of not following guidelines and ensuring the safety of your staff, you can present these certificates as proof of treatment. 

While fogging is a great treatment, it shouldn’t be used as a prevention method alone. Businesses still need to ensure social-distancing, mask wear, hand-washing and temperature checking to make sure everyone is kept safe, the spread is slowed and we can return to normal as soon as possible.