Various manufacturing and packaging processes utilise nitrogen worldwide. Metal manufacturers, for instance, use nitrogen for laser cutting, breweries use it as a CO2 alternative, food industries rely on it for food packaging and preservation, and lightbulb manufacturers require it through manufacturing processes.

Therefore, nitrogen generators are imperative for businesses, and only reliable onsite nitrogen generators get the job done.
Like millions of businesses, you want to have an edge over competitors. It is simple applications like nitrogen generation that makes your business unique. Of course, nitrogen generators impact businesses positively. So, what are the benefits of onsite nitrogen generators for your business?

Reduce Negative Environmental Impact, Lure Patronage
Nitrogen generators hit the environment positively and lure customers to your abode. By reducing carbon, you inform the public that your business is eco-friendly. Of course, people flock in to patronise and experience the benefit of an eco-friendly business.

Mitigating negative environmental impact in the work facility is a big concern for businesses. While sustainable or green labelled practices become common, only a few manufacturers abide by them.

Intelligent customers are more watchful than ever. They have access to reports and records online, revealing whether your business practices are subpar or standard. Customers care about their safety and would challenge your business for unsatisfactory performance.

Eliminate Downtime Problems
Do you outsource nitrogen gas? Why not generate personal nitrogen instead of relying on a delivery company that could constitute closings, delays and shortages?

Nitrogen generation lets you know the amount of gas left and how much gas your business uses daily. Since your gas usage is measurable, you know when to refill; thus, eliminating the frustrating downtimes that hinder workflow.
Also, by eliminating delivery wait times, your company spares lots of hours yearly to focus on production. When production is lively, goals are attainable, and you can expect better profit margins.

Corrosion Expulsion
By applying nitrogen in fire sprinkler systems, oxygen is generated, and corrosion reduces. Of course, it reduces the company’s expenses while focusing on the productive aspects of the business.

Moreover, nitrogen generation reduces deposit formation. It mitigates the buildup of obstructive material, which ensures proper functionality of pipes and the entire system function expectedly. The risk of a fire outbreak is mitigated to prevent loss. Assuming the business suffers a fire outbreak, even with insurance, the company 

Safeguard Employees
Even at high school, instructors, during science classes, wear hand gloves when handling nitrogen. Exposure can cause severe skin burns, which is dangerous for health. The same applies to your employees, the backbone of the business.
Employees are great resources in every industry. By providing a healthy work environment for employees, productivity increases, and the business records massive employee engagement and willingness to work.

Onsite nitrogen generation reduces the potential of employee injury that may occur from exposures to -320 degree Fahrenheit liquid nitrogen from deliveries and unloading. Also, storage tank leaks that could harm employees are eliminated, and the business remains compliant.

How Nitrogen Generators Function
Nitrogen generation occurs through the separation of air (oxygen is vital) composed of other molecules from nitrogen molecules. Furthermore, the level of purity depends on what the compressed nitrogen air will be used for.

For instance, if the purpose is to prevent fire or inflate tyres, between 90% and 97% purity level is okay. In an industry like plastic moulding, food/beverage processing and medical, the suitable purity level rises to about 97% to 99.9999%.
Meanwhile, the demands for onsite nitrogen generation can be harmonised by pressure swing adsorption generators and membrane generators.

Nitrogen Industrial Application
Nitrogen application is not limited to a few industries; all industrial-purpose industries desire on-site nitrogen generation to enhance workflow.

Below are some nitrogen-applicable industries:

Metal Industry
The metal processing industry relies heavily on nitrogen, and it is needed for purposes such as supporting equipment like lasers. Onsite nitrogen generators also mitigate oxygen contact to enhance end-product quality and prevent having to restart processing.

Beverage Application
 Nitrogen generation in beverages prevents bacteria and other microbe growths during storage, pre, and post-bottling. It purges air from the hoses and pipes before bottling to 

Another use is purging air from pipes and hoses before bottling and ensuring no oxygen is introduced throughout transport. Nitrogen also preserves the freshness and taste of beverages.

Onsite nitrogen generation enhances automatic soldering machines. It also keeps solder from oxidizing.

Food Market
When you generate onsite nitrogen in your food company, it minimises oxygen levels. Thus, it preserves food quality and increases shelf life. Nitrogen generation is critical in processing dried foods, coffee processing, meat and lettuce packaging.