The world is quickly changing thanks to rapid advancements in technology. While the Internet has brought many improvements to the world, it often brings out the worst in people. The Internet gives people the ability to post things anonymously so they often overstep the bounds. The Internet is a maddening place with people staying connected to one another more than ever. During the past few years, the Internet has become the home of many popular trends. Which trends are going to continue into the new decade?

Within this guide, readers will learn more about the Internet trends for a new decade.


While being one of the older trends, planking is still very popular. If you want to get involved in the planking challenge, you’ll need to lay face down with your arms pinned to your side. Be sure to choose an unusual place in public. After Australian rugby start David Williams planked in 2011, the planking challenge has exploded. Now, people all over the world are looking for places to plank. It only takes one picture to transform a person into an Internet celebrity.

Partaking in the planking challenge is a good step in the right direction.

Ice Bucket Challenge

While all challenges have been important, some are more important than others. Many will agree that the Ice Bucket Challenge changed the Internet. While most Internet trends are silly, some attempt to serve a worthwhile purpose. This is where the Ice Bucket Challenge enters the picture. This challenge attempted to teach people about the ALS. The Ice Bucket Challenge was a hit with countless celebrities and politicians getting involved.

Gangnam Style

Many Internet trends begin as songs. A music video is released. That video contains a unique dance move that attracts a lot of attention. Then, people try to emulate that dance. PSY’s Gangnam Style is a perfect example of this. This song captured attention from around the world in 2012. On YouTube, Gangnam Style has become one of the hottest videos. PSY’s unique dance moves were recreated by people from around the world. This trend was just as popular as Dominoqq.

The Mannequin Challenge

Most people know what a mannequin is. However, not everyone enjoyed the Mannequin Challenge. Some felt it was too boring since it required participants to remain still for a couple of minutes. As the name implies, they acted like a mannequin. This trend originated thanks to Skrillex’s song Black Beatles. After that, it grew in popularity and people around the world were doing their best mannequin imitations.

Pokemon Go

Finally, it is important to remember that some trends are not challenges. One of the hottest Internet trends during the last decade was Pokemon Go. Most people know what Pokemon is all about. When the game was released for mobile devices, it exploded once again. Fans couldn’t get enough as they attempted to catch Pokemon around their cities. The game inspired people to get outside and exercise. Although its popularity has waned, it is still one of the most popular mobile video games ever.