Blogs have emerged as an excellent medium to share information about a topic which you are passionate about. Starting a blog requires adequate planning for not only the content but also the WordPress theme, optimization of content for SEO and improved visibility of your website.  Once you are done with your planning, it takes just 30 minutes to start your blog with the help of WordPress, a highly popular open-source content management system.  

Web hosting companies in India offer special packages for people looking to set up their own WordPress blogs and buy their own domains.

Options for Starting a WordPress Blog
People looking to start a WordPress blog have two options: one is to use the free version of the WordPress ( and the second is the paid option of using the site. In the case of the former option, you do not get to own the domain name with the owners having the option to place ads on your blog page. Your blog’s address will be the part of WordPress.domain. In the second option, you own the domain name and can place ads and earn money for yourself. For this, you need to opt for paid web hosting services to run your blog.

Anyone looking to start a blog and hoping to earn some money from it should opt for WordPress web hosting plans that allow you to start a website within minutes with an automatic WordPress installation besides offering you an SSL certificate, a free domain, unlimited databases, and free malware scan.

Steps for Starting a WordPress Blog
What is important for starting a WordPress blog is to identify your requirements and choose a web hosting India plan accordingly. Always opt for plans that not only include automatic installation of WordPress but also offer continued support to deal with any issues that may come up. 

The following steps are required for setting up a blog:

1. Finalize a WordPress web hosting plan from a reputed service provider.
2. Finalize a domain name that is easy to remember and type and relates to the main theme or topic of your blogs. Domain refers to your blog’s address.
3. Install WordPress. It is a simple process and does not require much technical knowledge. All you need to do is follow the instructions provided by your web hosting services provider.
4. Finalize a username and password for managing your WordPress blog.
5. Write your first blog by going to the Posts section and clicking on New which will open the WordPress Editor section. Do try to make the content interesting to attract the attention of the target audience. Also include some images and videos in your blogs to make them more attractive.
6. Change the theme of your blog from the default one to another one that matches or fits in with your content. WordPress offers thousands of themes some of which are free while the premium ones can be purchased on payment of some additional charges. You need to activate the chosen theme.
7. Now you need to add some functionality to your blog, and this is possible by installing certain essential plugins like contact forms, social network buttons and backups. Again, you can choose from the free and the premium options.

Once you have created your WordPress blog successfully, you need to think of ways of attracting more visitors and make some money from it.