Whether an entrepreneur or a company, promoting brand image has become a challenging task for everyone, and Instagram has proven to provide an excellent opportunity to the business to reach out to a wide range of audiences with one platform only. Therefore, to promote your product in the potential market, you need genuine Instagram followers who engage with your content daily to grab interest deals. 

However, getting real instagram followers is something that every business does not get quickly. First, companies have to build trust between the customers and the industry to carry out their dealing activities. There are many ways to increase your Instagram followers on your business account. Still, you should prevent yourself from purchasing Instagram followers because they might boost the performance for a short period. 

Even, they won't do any good to your business in the long run because the Instagram algorithm keeps on weeding out low quality and unknown Instagram profiles to keep organic users on the social platform. To get genuine Instagram followers, you need to consider these top proven tactics to get more followers on your business Instagram profile. 

Share Quality Content
Every business needs to post their content daily to maintain a consistent flow because posting at the right time will make your post more visible in the users' feeds, and they are likely to engage with your quality content. If they liked your content, there are more chances that they will open your profile to explore more content. With the help of quality content, they will be encouraged to see more content and eventually end-up hitting that follow button to receive more content in the future. However, you need to stay consistent with your posting schedule to track your post performance and gather a new audience. 

Create Captivating Caption
It is true that Instagram is popular because of video content but creating a captivating caption is vital for every post because a genuine user will engage with content and the caption; it can be storytelling or information regarding the post. It helps attract more users, but one should remember that creating a caption that is worth reading will help you get more followers. 

Moreover, Instagram only allows you to write a caption equivalent to 2200 words; either you can write an ultra-short caption or storytelling caption, whichever seems useful to you. Though keeping a short caption says a lot about your post, you ask a question or use emojis to express your emotions. 

Tag Potential Users 
Instagram has also provided you with tagging features, which allows you to tag a person, whether an influencer, customer or someone who taught you something or business partners. Thus, tagging a person will send a notification to the tagged person and engage them with your post. It might be possible that they repost it on their story or share it with their users. It will organically increase your real instagram followers, who are interested in your content. 

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