Have you frequently been caught in traffic? Need a solution that fulfills your requirements, needs, and expectations? Something affordable, fast, and good for the environment. An electric bike is exactly what you are looking for.

Electric bike

This is a bicycle with an electric motor as its main power source. With electric bikes, we can easily avoid traffic, parking fees, fossil fuels. It is good exercise and environmentally friendly. A rechargeable battery that is 25 to 45km/h faster than normal cycling is used.


1. Fast and flexible

You get to cover a longer distance with little effort. To reduce commuting time, you can use traffic-free paths or use the multipurpose cycle lane. It has a flexible form and is durable.

2. Exercise

Cycling is good to keep you fit.

3. Assisted biking

You get a pedaling boost due to a battery-powered pedal assist. This reduces stress on your thighs and knees. With an electric bike, you can conquer any challenging terrain. May it be a hill or inclines. People of any age or health are suitable to ride this bike.

4. Cost-effective

Petrol is costly and prices frequently surge hence not meeting your budget. This makes electric bikes more advantageous than motor vehicles. Affordable batteries can last you 18-50 miles when fully charged.

5. Environmentally friendly

This bike produces lower pollution per km compared to vehicles and motorcycles. This greatly reduces the risk of global warming and climate change.

6. Variety of design

To improve marketability, different designs have been made to accommodate the market needs and demands.

7. Easy to get one

You don’t have to register, get license plates or insurance.

Before buying, what should you consider

a) Battery

 Expensive bikes have higher-tech batteries that charge quickly, last longer, and are lighter. For good quality batteries consider renowned manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, or Samsung.

b) Range

This is the distance covered by a bike in one charge of the battery. It depends on battery capacity, your weight, speed, assistant level chosen, pedaling power. Buy a bike with a higher range than you need.

c) Cost

E-bikes are more costly because of the motor and they last longer.

d) Motor mount

They are categorized into:

Hub motor assist

The motor is mounted on one of the wheels. They are quiet but don’t handle hills well.

Crank motor assist

The motor is mounted at the crank and pedal area. The electric controls are integrated with a sensor that detects how hard you are pedaling and offers assistance accordingly. They do well in steep hills but can be noisy.

e) Playground

Figure out the specifications you want on your bike and communicate to the retailer about it. It is usually made for different people and activities. Consider the playground you’ll ride the bike on.


An electric bike is the future of transportation. It has a unique ability to combine motor power with pedal power making it fast. It is flexible in that; a cyclist can control the motor power applied. It is environmentally friendly and good exercise. Before making a purchase, it is important to consider the battery, playground, motor mount, cost, health needs, and range. After reading this article, you should be able to make a smart decision on the best bike for you.