Benefits of streaming services

In these trying times, where the whole world is locked up inside four walls, people are exploring new ways to get entertain themselves since it’s quite necessary to stay mentally strong as much as physically. Streaming Services have been there for quite some time now, but during the pandemic where the whole world came to a standstill, their importance has increased manifolds. 

The more time one spends inside their house, the more he/she tries to find new sources of entertainment/infotainment. 

It has been predicted for many years that there would be a huge shift in audiences from the general Tv/Movie platform to streaming services. Conventional television as we know is undergoing a big-time change, due to new high-tech streaming devices now available at an all-time low cost. 

Now let’s talk about why one should prefer streaming services over conventional Tv /cable platforms?
If we were to state the various pros and cons of streaming services, rest assured the pros outweigh the cons by a large margin.

How do you ask? Well, below are a few key advantages of Streaming Services.

Let’s start with a few obvious advantages:-

1. Watch it At your Own Convenience-
Streaming services do not restrict you to watch your favourite shows or movies at a fixed hour but provide you with the flexibility to view them at your own convenience.

Now, people do not need to schedule beforehand when to watch their favourite shows. They can view all the episodes/seasons of their shows at any time they want without the fear of missing out on certain content of their show. 

Conventional Tv services fail to provide such flexibility that these services can deliver to the customer at ease.

2. No more Downloading your favourite shows-
With streaming services, users don’t need to download whichever shows they wish to watch. They can stream it at their own time or whenever they find it convenient to view them. With this now one does not have to think about how much data one’s going to consume while downloading the content and there would be no concern regarding the space occupied in their device.

3. Superior Audio and Video Quality-
The sheer quality of the audio and video of shows streamed in streaming services are comparatively far more superior to those of conventional Tv Services.

4. Protection Against Piracy-
The technology which is used for streaming Video makes it much harder to copy
And as a result, does not give the user any way of storing it in their own device.
5.  A huge amount of options-   
Streaming Services provide a plethora of shows to choose from. Conventional Tv services cannot compete with the sheer number of genres these services provide their users to choose from. 

Now while stating these advantages, we are not saying that you should ignore their disadvantages which are for example - the need for internet connectivity and streaming devices like mobile or computer. But we live in a world where now these are part of the basic necessities of life. After the world was hit by the pandemic, most functionings were shifted to online, so internet connectivity shifted from being not as necessary to one of the most necessary things. As most individuals now have access to some sort of stable internet connectivity and since almost all people from all walks of life use a mobile or a computer which were the devices required for accessing these streaming services, the pros have now outweighed the cons by a huge margin. So gradually but surely we are seeing a shift in the number of users from conventional Tv to streaming services.