Creating excellent business videos takes time, talent, and other resources. Whether you plan to create your videos in-house or you have outsourced this task to an outside team such as Spiel Creative, the entire process of creating business videos can be time-consuming and expensive. A big problem is that after spending all the necessary resources to create stunning videos, some marketers forget an important piece of the puzzle - the promotion strategy. 

Perhaps you acquired the right video tool just to be sure that you roll out excellent business videos. Unless you put in the time and effort required to market your videos, the chances are that you may not get the results you crave for. Here are the top six ways to promote your videos. 

1. Optimize your video content with an excellent thumbnail

According to most marketing experts, a video thumbnail is by far an imperative component that drives the target to play a video. One reality that most marketers often ignore is that humans do judge a book by the cover, a reason you must dress your video content for the occasion by offering it a compelling play-worthy thumbnail. 

One effective way to make sure that your target audience plays your videos is to use an image of a smiling person making direct eye contact. You probably wonder why. We are all humans and people relate to other people. That means it is easy to open a book with an image of Prince William smiling than reading a book with a huge paragraph of boring text on the cover. This theory applies to video content thumbnails. 

2. Run video marketing campaigns on social media platforms

Is there a better way to drive more people to your video content than offering a discount or something for free? And the best platforms to do this are on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook where people are more likely to view, react to the content, and share it widely. This can lead more people to your product landing page and drive people to play your video content. 

3. Ask your target audience to share your video content

Perhaps asking people to view and share your content might sound obvious. But if you put yourself out there and ask your friends, relatives, current colleagues, former colleagues, and nearly anyone you can reach out to, the chances are that you will get a considerable number of views and content shares. Generally, asking your contacts who are closely connected to your target audience to share your content is a great place to start. After all, you don't know who they are connected to and this strategy can go along way exposing your video content to a wider audience. 

4. Add content share buttons

You probably know how powerful social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Twitter have become. In fact, many consumers start and end their day on these social networks. It isn't sad but it is reality. For this reason, you need to add content share buttons to your video player to get your videos shared on these platforms. 

If a consumer ever finds a good product or informative piece of content, they are likely to share it with their friends and fans on social networks. Having share buttons in your video player means anyone who likes your videos has the opportunity to share them on social media and their friends can also share the video as well. This can help create the hype you crave and before you know it your videos will go viral.

5. Invest in social media advertising

The chances are that you spend some money and other resources when researching and creating videos. And probably the last thing you want to hear is spending more money to promote those videos. But you are wrong. The reality is that it won't cost you a leg and arm to promote your video content on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.  

If you pay attention to your target audience and have the right campaign settings, you can successfully run promotional campaigns for your videos and send the right consumers to your videos. This is one step closer to achieving your marketing goals. 

6. Play your videos at relevant events

You have probably sat through dull speeches at various industry events where you spend the entire day either scrolling your Instagram feeds, staring into space, or hopelessly trying to stay awake. Unfortunately, there is nothing worse than being the event organizer or the person delivering a speech. If you are presenting and realized that your audience is just nodding off, something is wrong. One great way to chase boredom is to play an interesting video related to your brand. 

Playing a great business video will give you a break from and offer your audience a break from listening to your presentations. Even the best presenters in the world use videos to break up their speeches as this helps refuel the audience. 

Note that listening to the same person for a long period is a little unengaging, no matter how well-known or engaging the speaker is. For this reason, it’s important to use great marketing videos to keep your events interesting. 

7. Share your marketing videos on online communities

Whether it’s a Reddit, LinkedIn group, Twitter chat, or any other popular online community, it’s recommended to actively engage in these conversations and share your brand videos when relevant. Suppose you work for a marketing company and are participating in a conversation with prospective clients who appear to be struggling with their marketing efforts. You can easily share an explainer video to respond to their questions and concerns.

By just sharing a relevant video to address your audience’s pain points, you can successfully reveal how relevant and helpful your brand is. Most of those people will be interested in knowing more about your brand and products. In addition to getting exposure for your video content, you will also be generating leads.