Growing an Instagram audience, either as a business or individual, demands that you proactively post and engage your viewers with valuable content. Notably, being active as often as possible while at the same time generating quality content that attracts a huge following on your niche requires a lot of time and effort to achieve. Furthermore, managing Instagram is not the only task detailing your to-do-list as you have to focus on other personal or professional commitments. 

Consequently, rather than handling everything manually, you might consider deploying Instagram automation tools (popularly known as bots) to handle repetitive tasks such as posting content, finding followers, and liking other creators’ posts. Nevertheless, despite making life easier, automation tools have their share of blunders that could compromise your growth on Instagram. Unraveled in the subsequent paragraphs are key pointers to automating your Instagram account safely. 

Only automate tasks that do not compromise on organic engagements
Even though leveraging bots saves time and makes it possible for one to perform tasks beyond human abilities, not every task should be handled by automation on Instagram. Despite making it seamless to inflate followers, solid partnerships are realized out of organic engagements with one’s audience. Therefore, while utilizing an Instagram automation tool, only automate tasks that do not undermine how you engage your audience. 

Automate effortless interactions such as likes but avoid complicated interactions such as comments. Automating the former, lets you acknowledge more followers or Instagram users thus improving your Instagram account’s visibility. On the other hand, automating comments comes with the risk of posting inappropriate comments that could compromise your authenticity. Other functions that are safe to automate include finding followers, scheduling content, publishing content, data reporting, and analytics. 

Avoid deploying multiple automation tools
Since Instagram bots make work easier by saving the time required to execute various tasks on the platform, one might be tempted to simultaneously deploy multiple automation tools. However, various studies on the efficiency of automation tools versus humans suggest that the former significantly compromises engagements. Additionally, just as humans connect with other humans, so do bots tend to collaborate with other bots. Thus, the more bots an Instagram user deploys, the higher the chances of having more bot followers. 

Most importantly, automation of various Instagram tasks from multiple sources could trigger high suspicion from the social media platform. Consequently leading to a temporary ban or even permanent retrain from Instagram under extreme violation of the platform’s terms. 

Be objective but patient
When you invest in an automation tool, you might be tempted to seek or push for fast results. Therefore, make it your objective to only automate tasks that do not compromise your followers’ valuable. Bots should not be used as a cheat sheet to inflate your audience or a tool for completely running all your tasks, but as a tool for streamlining your content strategy. Promoting your account should be done safely at relatively normal speeds since no human can be logged onto their Instagram 24 hours every day.