In daily work, many people convert pictures into PDF format for preservation. So some people want to know: Why do people want to convert pictures to PDF format? In fact, for various reasons, converting images to PDF is a good choice. 

First of all, PDF is a universal file type that can be viewed on almost all electronic devices. Secondly, PDF is very safe to use. Unlike most image file types, PDF files can be easily password protected by PDF encryption. In this way, only the person with the password can open the file and be able to view the image. In addition, do not edit pictures in Word, it will compress the picture quality, and it does not meet the requirements of fast conversion.

PC conversion method: ToolRocket PDF Converter is a PDF file converter software on Windows, providing you with Text to speech, CAD conversion, OCR text recognition and Image conversion. This PDF Converter helps you to combine, compress PDF files and recognize text through advanced OCR technology.

Where can I download the ToolRocket PDF Converter APP?
There are computer software and mobile APP that can be downloaded and used. You can download PDF Converter from the Apple Store. This APP is easy to operate. It can not only convert document formats, but also read and open PDF files, compress PDFs, split and merge PDFs, encrypt PDFs or remove protection from PDF files. You can install the PDF Converter APP on your iPhone or iPad anytime, anywhere, and convert PDF documents. After loading the PDF file, you can preview the file in real time so that you can decide whether to convert the file. Is a professional PDF file conversion APP. Or you can download PDF to Word Convert PDF to Word Documents on GooglePlay.

Who is recommended to use this tool?
Everyone can easily use this PDF Converter! The operation is simple, the interface is intuitive, and users at any level can easily get started. It is suitable for office crowds and students in all walks of life. 
For business people: It is time-saving and efficient to convert PDF documents to images or Word / PowerPoint / Excel via iPhone / iPad / Android phones. If you don't have a PDF reader, you can also open or edit PDF files in other formats.
For school students: no longer worry about downloading documents in the wrong format, or the downloaded documents are full of garbled characters. Whether you download PDF, Word or PowerPoint, you can convert it to the desired format for easy homework.

Other tools in ToolRocket
In addition, ToolRocket also provides high-quality solutions for global users: Capture Screen Recorder; VidClipper Video Editor. By using these tools you can convert, record, edit video/audio files and convert PDF on Windows, iOS and Android. You can use VidClipper to make your own video, which contains a rich text/filter/transition material and music library. Capture Screen Recorder is a simple video recorder software that can help you record on Windows and save the recorded content in various formats.