YouTube is home to a lot of interesting videos that covers most of internet users’ interest whether it is in the field of video blogging, gaming, news, sports, etc. But one thing which is common to all of the users is their love for music. 

You can find songs of almost every genre on YouTube with the most popular ones being the Pop, Ballad, Rap, Hip-hop, and Rock. YouTube recently released their new feature which is YouTube Music where they offer free and paid plans from streaming music just like Spotify does but not everyone can afford paying for those kinds of stuff. Because of these, some had gotten the idea of being able to download YouTube to mp3 so they can listen to their favorite songs anytime and anywhere with their mobile or other offline devices. From that idea, tech experts had started creating websites and software which are capable of transforming those YouTube music videos to turn into sound files and the era of YouTube to MP3 converters had begun.

Through the history of YouTube, a lot of websites focusing on YouTube to MP3 conversion have risen with an example being the GO-MP3. The Youtube to MP3 converter is an online conversion website that offers the service of converting YouTube videos into mp3 files which will then be ready for download. The download is completely free and your personal details are not gathered throughout the process. This type of site is much more convenient rather than downloading third party software to do the specified task. It is also safer because you won’t risk your device from getting viruses from installations. The significance of this converter is to save users’ time since they won’t need to download the YouTube video first and then extract the audio later. The only input needed is the YouTube URL link and the conversion process will take place online. No third party software or web plug-in should be installed for it to work. The resulting output will be the audio which is in mp3 format. There will be shorter waiting time in downloads, and the users will still have a lot of space in their device storage. Less amount of effort would also be needed.

GO-MP3 is designed to convert YouTube videos only which means that the conversion process will be quick since it will only read YouTube URL links and only process videos from that streaming platform. GO-MP3 also contains links that could lead you to third party websites but those sites are neither owned nor controlled by GO-MP3 as indicated on their terms. The Youtube downloader also permits users to only use the website for personal, but not for commercial use. As YouTube also states, it is advisable for users to gain permission first from the video uploaders before they download the music because these YouTube channels still have the copyright claims from their own videos. Using the downloaded music and monetizing from them is strictly disallowed and could result in legal issues. It is much better if they will be used just for listening offline.

Like any other online converters, like pdf to word types, GO-MP3 also has its limitations. One of the limitations of using the converter is its lack of ability to download files in batches. Users can download music simultaneously but they need to copy and paste all the links one-by-one. That process would cost a lot of time especially when there is a lot of music to be downloaded on the queue. Another limitation is that the video converter does not support downloading playlists. I have tried doing it and what was only ready for conversion is the playlist’s first video. But these limitations do not change the fact that GO-MP3 still impresses with their quick conversion process.

With the rise of smartphones, android developers had also created ways to download and convert YouTube videos only with a few clicks on the screen. Hundreds of applications are now available for download in Google Play Store and someday, GO-MP3 might be included in them. The video converter still has a lot of things ahead of it and it could be one of the most used online converters in the future.