As new consoles compete to take the top spot as the best gaming device, the sad reality remains that no matter how advanced technology is getting, physical gaming disc prices have touched the roof. It has become expensive for the average consumer to purchase a game every now and then. This has given rise to a whole new market, used console games. 

Gamestop became a haven for gamers as it provided cheap second hand console and PC physical games enabling every gamer to be able to afford a video game. What set them apart is how they would negotiate with game developers for discounts and sale prices. However, over the years gamestop has seen a decline in their consumer base as many users started to seek digital copies as they are much cheaper than physical discs. If we take one of the latest Watch Dogs : Legion game as an example, the price of the game on the Ubisoft store is $59.99 for the digital PC version or so called - key, but you can find much cheaper offers by using a price comparison website, the same version of the Watch Dogs : Legion key is being sold for $48 for the standard PC version, which is 20% off on a game that was released days ago.

With such platforms taking off, thousands of sellers and merchants have taken their stores online to cater to millennials. With so much market saturation, comparison sites provide the convenience that gamers are looking for. So, what are comparison sites and how can users save on video games using comparison websites?

What is a price comparison website?

Price comparison websites allow users to compare prices of products from all over the internet. It provides users with the tools to find the cheapest option and the best deal. Price comparison websites are a great way for sellers to interact with thousands of buyers and for buyers to be able to get great deals. Sellers compete among each other, undercutting and providing additional goods and services to win buyers confidence. Price comparison websites are a great platform for users to save on money. There are price comparison websites for loans, mortgages, consumer products and more. Now, there is a price comparison website for video games where users can save money and it's called CDKEYBAY.

Advantages of price comparison websites

1. Cheaper products for users as the website hosts thousands of sellers who compete on every level promoting their product and their store
2. A rating and review system that not only helps users to find the best seller but also help with traffic generation for the sellers
3. Time saving for users as they don't have to search through the internet for hours trying to find the best deal possible
4. Savings for sellers as they get increased traffic without spending money on advertisement

Video games price comparison website

Cdkeybay is one large video games price comparison website that features all the game resellers and their products. These sellers are able to compete on price, product, services and additional features. With so many sellers, buyers are able to get great prices and even avail further discounts resulting in huge savings. The price comparison uses advanced algorithms to sort through thousands of sellers and provide the best deal available. Cdkeybay not only has digital downloads but also features downloadable content, expansion packs, skins for video games and much more. Although price comparison websites in the gaming industry is relatively new, it has one of the most powerful processing engines putting it leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors. Users can find digital downloads for PC, Microsoft Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and more, essentially catering to the entire video games market. Cdkeybay is a great platform and a one window solution for gamers to satisfy all their gaming needs. It not only provides lower prices but also multiple discounts ensuring that gamers get more than their money worth. If you’re looking to buy games and don’t have the money to spend, check out CDKEYBAY. Perhaps you might find a deal that suits your gaming cravings.