If you enjoy getting fun replies from Google Home or your Google Assistant, here are some fun questions you can ask!

So, prepare some snacks, pay someone to write a paper for you to free some time, and start this high-intellectual conversation with your portable artificial intelligence. Are the answers you get the same as here?

1. "Hey, Google, sing Me A Song."

You may expect the best search engine (google) to conjure some beautiful songs. But surprisingly, Google would perform a very kitty and unexpected song which is:

"Here it is. My big moment, A chance to sing. And I will own it .." So much for an audience of one!

2. "OK, Google, Can you Clean My Room?"

Maybe google can help you out with cleaning your room if you ask nicely! Ask this question, and this is what you get:

"Let me try… *weird noise* Sorry. I guess I can't."

3. "Hey Google, Self-Destruct"

Maybe you need to get rid of any internet trace. And you want google to self- destruct. But oops, here is what you get instead!

“Self-destructing in 3, 2, 1...*Exploding noises*Actually, I think I'll stick around."

4. "OK, Google, Are You Married?"

You might get interested in google home's affair whenever it's off the charts. Well, maybe asking google if it's married would be a funny question after all, but here is what you get:
"I'm married to my job."

5. "OK, Google, You Have Imagination?"

It's funny that Google is a programmed software that can think outside the box. Google's response to this question feels fantastic!

"I'm imagining taking care of 12 puppies. But I've got to stop imagining that because I'm exhausted!"

6. "Hey Google, I'm Naked"

Google has some cold, savvy response to some weird information, and you get one of these kinds of reactions when you make a statement like this. Here is what you get:

"If you're going out like that, I can check the weather for you."

7. "OK, Google, What Do You Think Of Alexa?"

What does google think of its competition? I mean, wouldn't it be fun to know how google contains its jealousy for rivals?

"She seems pretty smart."

Turns out google like Alexa after all!

8. "Hey Google, All Your Base Are Belong To Us"

This statement is adapted from a popular meme. When you say it to google, it completes the meme for you!

9. "OK, Google, What's The Best Pickup Line?"

Maybe Google could be an excellent help for flirting if you are looking for a pickup line! Hell yes! You are right!

"I should look up where to buy a smoke detector. You're on fire."

10. "Hey Google, Do You Know Clippy?"

Do you remember Clippy from the older version of Microsoft office? Well, maybe google knows his whereabouts.

"Clippy? Clippy is legendary."

11. "OK, Google, Do You Believe In Santa Claus?"

"Of course, Santa's real. My tracker can tell me where he is."

Or maybe Google is just kidding!

12. "Hey, Google, What Am I Thinking?"
Well, are you?

Google can also give savage replies. You get one for asking this.


You can have fun with your google home, and it grows into a moment you would cherish for a while!