In various systems and applications, APIs have become the nucleus of software creation, linking and exchanging data and logic. Fortunately, testing them will significantly enhance the efficacy of your entire testing plan, making you produce apps faster than ever before.

For product quality and CI / CD methods, API automation testing is important. API tests can figure out how to deal with short releases and regular adjustments, without disrupting the test results, unlike GUI tests.

We are dedicated here at to make API testing simple and secure for all. We truly think that API testing is an essential aspect of the lifecycle of API development, and so it should never be ignored.

To make API testing simpler for you, we are here to develop, optimize, execute and monitor APIs with efficient regression unit testing.We have won the competition in the market through our extensive support for test automation of SOAP & RESTful services.

What is API testing?

API testing is one of the most difficult factors of application and QA testing, as APIs can be complex, often focused on specifications and parameters that we often don't find in other forms of testing. Although development teams prefer to test just the basic features they are focused on, testers are responsible for testing API design, reliability and protection, finding out from end to end how all components are working together.

API testing is essential at the most primitive level to expose bugs: anomalies or deviations from the behaviour anticipated. Continuous testing is also very necessary to make sure that when the public has access to the software, it remains intact. The likelihood that a bad, and the potentially dangerous, product would be sold in the market is considerably higher than the expense of testing it. One of the most demanding components of the app and QA testing chain is API testing because it operates to ensure that our online activities operate in a consistently smooth and efficient way.

Since these programmers prefer to test only the features they are trying to work on, testers are in charge of evaluating both individual features and a sequence or chain of features, figuring out from end to end how they work together.

What gives meaning to software is the APIs. It is what enables the "smart" in our phones, and it is what enhances the processes of trade. If an API does not run successfully and efficiently, it will never be endorsed, regardless of whether or not it is a free one. Often, if an API crashes because mistakes have not been spotted, there is a possibility that not only a single application will fail, but an entire structure of workflow will fall because of it.

Why Do People Choose API Testing?

Below are among the most common explanations why individuals evaluate their APIs:

To ensure that the API does what it is aimed to do,
Is able to manage the load
To discover all the ways that users can make a mistake in the usage 
Ensure that their APIs work through computers, browsers and software platforms
It can be risky not to test the APIs

In API testing, putting extra efforts contributes to a much stronger end result. Making sure that all data sharing (read and write) only passes via the API vastly facilitates authentication and regulatory testing and certification, as only one functionality exists.

If the UI is launched, checking that all the appropriate business guidelines are enforced at the API tier opens up the opportunity for far more comprehensive user interface tests and not wanting to focus on testing every single business policy and route through the framework towards the completion of the program. Moreover, guaranteeing that the API has full flexibility, when new business requirements emerge, allows for quick potential expansion of the framework.

Testing APIs with ACCELQ

You have all the right to question why ACCELQ API testing over others and you might already be having your time. So here we present the reasons why.

Automation for Zero Code API Evaluation on Cloud is one of the best features that ACCELQ API testing enables for the testers.  
A very critical aspect of API testing is its simplified flow. With ACCELQ, automation of API and UI Tests is almost in the same streamlined way.
The control of API test cases, test preparation, its execution and monitoring is powered up with ACCELQ API testing with the effective test approach that the competition still lacks.  
Its CI Powered executions of the regression Suite give a better time frame.
ACCELQ's Support for Competitive test Setting is what makes it standout. 
The site correlates business processes while corresponding to API directly for maximum coverage.

Basics of API testing

You can do the API testing very conveniently by following the basic steps if you're really interested to do it yourself.

1. Going to set up a testing environment with the appropriate collection of variables around the API is the very initial step of API testing. This includes customising the server and database for the needs of the programme.

2. Create an API service right away after you have set up your API testing environment to make certain that nothing has been missed before you move ahead to begin your detailed testing.

3. To guarantee that the API executes as planned against potential specified input conditions, you can continue integrating your application data with your API tests.

Why Automated API Testing?

So what's the distinction between manual API testing process and test automation. Automated testing allows you to include a software solution like SoapUI, whereas coding  on your own to test the API takes the form of manual testing.

According to ACCELQ, a preferred test automation optimizing source, there are some of the areas where automation in testing is favourable and API testing is among them. API testing is especially suggested in the world of DevOps, agile practices, and continuous deployment loops. 

The suggestions are for the below listed functions. 

Functional test API
For dynamic tests
Repetitive style of testing
In order to know what it is that you're missing, API automation is chosen to evaluate your functional test coverage
Frameworks that are powered by data
Checking for Regression

Of course, in many other situations than the mentioned, automated API testing should be done, most notably, when you are short on time. Automation of API testing also enables you to test in unison with production.