For a business, productivity is vital. You need to be as productive as possible. Right now, we live in the age of technology. The internet is changing the way we do business and every single firm out there needs to invest in software that would help increase productivity. According to Mount Sopris Instruments, some of the most important types to consider are the ones below. 

Call Automation

Every small business wants to have its phone number visible. It helps increase user interaction and can lead to more sales. Many even see it as a sign that the company is legit. The problem is that you can easily get overwhelmed by people contacting you, especially as you grow operations. 

An example of software that can help is Grasshopper. It basically sets up a virtual layer for management that moves the call from one cell phone to the next. That way, there is always someone that is available to answer in the event that a customer asks. 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Every smart business tries to gather data about customers. The very best way to do this is to use CRM software so you can store insights and notes with ease. Basically, this is a constantly updating database you can easily update whenever customers are contacted. You can use CRM to create a stronger relationship with potential and current clients. 

Email Management

Whenever you start to receive too many emails and you feel you cannot properly handle it, email management software aims to help. 

Remember the fact that missed emails can easily lead to countless lost opportunities. Every single email you receive is a potential growth opportunity. You need to look for programs that can help you to speed up management for all the emails you receive. 

Freelancer Management Software

Small businesses oftentimes use the services of freelancers in order to help out with various aspects of the business. The problem is that it takes time to find freelancers and then manage the work that they do. This is why you might want to seriously consider freelancing platforms, especially because those like Upwork give you access to management software that controls hourly work. 

Accounting Software

For every single company, accounting is vital. It is very important to record everything associated with the finances of a business, especially when paperwork is complex. Fortunately, you can utilize accounting platforms online like Wave or Freshbooks. They offer analytics and even give you access to collaboration tools that team members can use. 

Internal Communications

When it comes to internal communications, Slack stands out as the preferred software used by companies from all around the world. The system is practically a huge chatroom that allows all team members to interact in a seamless way. All chat channels can be curated so that you cover specific topics or groups of people. 

As an extra advantage of using Slack, you can add external business software so that the entire use experience is improved. For instance, you can integrate Google documents in Slack for seamless communication with content creators.