The cryptocurrency phenomenon has surpassed the wildest expectations of industry pioneers. 

Bitcoin is not the passing fad many assumed it would be, but instead an ever-growing industry with lucrative opportunities. The Bitcoin billionaires, Winklevoss twins, are a testament to how far belief in crypto can take you. 

This industry has grown astronomically because it offers an alternative to centralized financial systems. Wanton printing of fiat has resulted in inflation going up over the decades with occasional crashes and crises.

Bitcoin has grown from scratch to a value north of $11,000. After years of staying on the sidelines, institutional investment in Bitcoin is now taking off. These are just a number of highlights of this illustrious asset. Humanity is in the midst of an innovation boom, unlike anything that has happened before.

You may rightfully want to get in on the action; strike the iron while it is still hot. Start trading today on the Bitcoin Era today and build your way to financial freedom!

Bitcoin Era Review

There are many platforms claiming to offer professional services but only a few meet the cut. Bitcoin Era is the platform of focus in this guide that seeks to separate the grain from the chaff. This is to ensure that your entry into crypto is smooth to partake in the financial revolution of our time.

The phrase ‘people power’ is often used generously but this platform is the embodiment of that mantra. People can come together to create amazing things. 

When those people happen to be the crème-de-la-crème in a particular field, the result is stratospheric. Bitcoin Era is a powerful trading software that leverages the vision of people who understood the power of Bitcoin early and became very rich from the Bitcoin boom that followed. 

Bitcoin Era provides the best tools for people to ‘learn how to fish’ for themselves. With such diverse and vibrant opportunities, the person to chart your destiny in this industry is none other than yourself. Bitcoin Era equips you with the right tools to do that. 

Bitcoin Era: Is It A Scam?

The big picture is that Bitcoin Era is the best Bitcoin software in the market today. The team can definitely say that they have been there in terms of realizing the transformational effects of a Bitcoin boom. 

Aptly named, Bitcoin Era offers traders the chance to truly live large in this era. This is an exciting opportunity to partake in a blissful Bitcoin future, but only those who get in now can realize the benefits down the line.

Why is Bitcoin Era unique?

These are a few things you notice using Bitcoin Era;

Accurate and high performance- trading is about the fine margins. The difference between mediocre and elite trading platforms is performance. Bitcoin Era is able to perform at a high level enabling users to multiply their wealth. Placing orders and trading on the market is fast and seamless to match the needs of even the most sophisticated traders.
Advanced technology- the high performance is made possible using advanced technology. The difference that one-hundredths of a second can make in cryptocurrencies is massive. Bitcoin Era relies on advanced technology that improves the efficiency of a trader significantly. This is the best technology in the trading scene and the attention to detail does show up in the results. Accordingly, the Bitcoin Era software has even scooped some awards because it is simply better than the competition. 
Liquidity- liquidity is a primary consideration for cryptocurrency platforms. This is because the increased trading activity can suddenly rock prices for illiquid platforms. Bitcoin Era is not subject to the sudden whims of traders, but instead maintains a consistently high liquidity level to cope with any amount of trading. 

Why Get Into Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 2008.

The peer-to-peer electronic money is unique experimentation in blockchain finance and the removal of the centralized entities and middlemen that make mainstream finance such a mess. 

Analysts from Crypto Research Report (CRR) project that Bitcoin could balloon to close to $400,000 by the year 2030. 

That would represent a 40x appreciation, which is astronomical. Given the fact that Bitcoin rose more than 1,000 percent in the past decade, this is entirely possible. In fact, it may prove to be an underestimation. 

Bitcoin is not only an exchange medium but also is a store of value asset. It continually consolidates the latter status as Bitcoin’s supply continues to shrink. 

The mysterious Bitcoin founder, Satoshi Nakamoto pegged Bitcoin supply at a modest 21 million. New coin is added to the supply in a progressively reducing supply, meaning that scarcity will only become stronger. This is the perfect antidote to the reckless printing of money by Central Banks.

Currently, Bitcoin prices are still quite volatile. Other than investing in Bitcoin long-term, you can choose to trade Bitcoin actively and take advantage of its volatility. Bitcoin Era is one such trading platform.

Trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs)

There are many products you will encounter in Bitcoin markets. One of the most fascinating is Bitcoin CFDs. Contracts for Difference are trading instruments that allow you to trade on the price movements of Bitcoin without owning the underlying asset.

Say, for instance, you don’t want to hold Bitcoin, but wish to trade on the prices.  CFDs facilitate precisely that. You get to trade by speculating on the price of Bitcoin and making a bet in which direction it will move. At the time the contract gets settled, if the price has moved in your favor, you pocket the profits. CFDs can be extremely lucrative because you can utilize leveraged trading to magnify your potential earnings significantly. 

Bitcoin is historically volatile. CFDs allow you the opportunity to harness this volatility in your favor and make decisive moves. All this while, you don’t have to hold any cryptocurrencies.

You should note that CFDs come with significant risks. Learn how leverage works first before diving into the deep end. Luckily, the Bitcoin Era algorithm is there to guide you and give you leads on perfect trades.