Owning PDF converter software is essential whenever the need arises to turn a PDF into another file format. But not all programs were created equal. Some will only allow you to convert your file into a rich or plain text format. The best software around, however, will give you multiple converting options, including HTML, JPG, and even EPUB alongside the usual DOC or TXT. Whether you’re looking for a free PDF converter or don’t mind spending a buck, check out our five top-rated options below to find the right solution for you.

1. CoolUtils Total PDF Converter

The first file converter that has made it to our list is the Total PDF Converter by CoolUtils.com. It offers a bountiful range of converting options, including DOC, TXT, RTF, XLS, TIFF, HTML, EPS, PS, JPG, PDF/A, and CSV.

We particularly like that it gives you the option to convert in batches, and even allows you to add page numbers to your output files.

Converting PDF to image is also easy; you can choose from either JPG or TIFF file formats, customizing the final image to your needs without compromising on quality. Furthermore, the software even allows you to convert JPG to PDF, an option only a few programs offer.

Total PDF Converter’s full desktop version doesn’t require an internet connection and is compatible with all Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 onwards. Click here to download PDF converter to get a free 30-day trial with full access to all features or buy a lifetime license to get started.

If you need more than a PDF converter — such as merging multiple PDFs into a single file – the PDF Combine is another awesome product from the brand. As its name suggests, this software creates PDF files by combining multiple PDFs or altering existing ones.

Editing options include adding mp3 tracks to your existing PDFs, upgrading with a cover image, creating bookmarks, and so on.

2. TalkHelper PDF Converter

An alternative to the Total PDF Converter by CoolUtils comes from TalkHelper. This PDF converter is easy to use and can both convert PDF files to other formats and other formats back to PDF. 

Obviously, you can also convert your PDFs to Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint, and a variety of other formats, including JPEG.

We also like that it allows you to choose the target language of the file so that you can create editable Word and Excel files in 46 languages, including English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and even Chinese and Japanese.

TalkHelper is compatible with Windows Vista and up. The downloadable file can be purchased directly and installed on your PC, or you can opt for a free trial period.

3. Adobe PDF Converter

If you’re looking to convert Work, Excel, PowerPoint, or other file formats into PDFs, you can’t go wrong with Adobe. The company is the actual inventor of the PDF format, and you can make a free PDF — or more — by simply dragging and dropping your files into the online converter available from the brand.

Besides this useful, easy-to-use tool, Adobe Acrobat comprises a range of other tools that allow you to edit, sign, fill in, and alter PDFs without actually converting them to other file formats.

In-line with the market demands, Adobe also proposes the Acrobat Export PDF, the original converter to convert PDF to Word and beyond.

The only downside is Acrobat’s expensive price tag compared to other converters on the market. Nevertheless, if you can’t afford any errors during the conversion process, the Adobe PDF Converter is undeniably your best bet.

4. Nitro Pro PDF Converter

As its name suggests, Nitro Pro comes as an alternative to the other PDF converters for professional use. Its functions go beyond turning a PDF file into Word or Excel; you can use the software to convert, merge, split, and even edit PDFs directly.

Two purchase options give you the possibility to choose between business and individual accounts. The latter is cheaper but comes with slightly fewer features and functions.

Business users particularly like that you can use Nitro Pro to create editable PDFs; this function makes it easy to create fill-in questionnaires and surveys, contracts, and other files that need input or signatures. If you don’t mind spending a buck, Nitro VIP Access comes with further support and maintenance, for easier project management.

The software comes in both downloadable version and is also accessible online via NitroSign, for easy working at the office, at home, or on the go.

5. EasePDF Online Converter

If you’re on a budget or on the go and need quick access to a free PDF converter, the EasePDF should be your go-to option. This online converter is completely free and ultra-easy to use. Functions include converting your PDF to another file format, converting other file formats to PDF, as well as additional features such as merging multiple files or splitting a bigger file into multiple smaller ones.

Thanks to the online access and no actual software, EasePDF is not only suitable for Windows, but it also works with other operating systems and virtually all devices.

Furthermore, we like the safe encryption of your files and that it uses 256-SSL protocols to ensure safe data transmission and privacy. Encryption aside, the company also deletes your files automatically 24 hours after you finish processing them, so you’ll never have to worry about editing or converting files containing sensitive information.

Which is the best PDF converter software for Windows is ultimately down to you, but we hope the options above can help you find the most suitable one.