In today’s world, everything is out there on the internet just at the tip of our finger. YouTube is an expanding part of the various platforms on the internet. Every day there are new content creators coming up to make a mark. Here are some simple tips to help you create your first video. 

1. Plan on it. It is very important to recognize what kind of a content creator you want to be. Are you interested in vlogging, or comedy videos, or make-up videos, or some informative videos or other kinds of entertainment videos like singing or dancing. You need to decide and plan on the kind of content you are going to put up so that you can do your research on how to attract your audience. 

2. Simplicity. Make sure your first video is simple enough so that thousands of people who will be watching you all over the world can feel a connection with you. Use simple words, simple editing tools, keep it as original as you can. This is going to mark your first impression, so be as yourself as possible. 

3. Channel banner. It is very important to pull in all your creativity cells together to create a unique and exclusive channel banner. Your channel banner should be equally interesting as your videos because it is very much a part of your content. The first thing anybody will look at is your logo, so you should try and have it right. 

4. Right equipment. The equipment used to make your first YouTube video may not be like that of professionals or very expensive. But, make sure you use the equipment available in the correct manner, like setting the camera in the right angle, taking care of the light around you, re-adjusting your surroundings. You can also get good video cameras within 5k or maybe upgrade your smartphone. 

5. Know when to upload it. One of the most important and crucial factors is the time factor, when do you upload your video? Well, you can upload your video at any given time. But it is, better if you upload your video in the morning around 10 am or in the evening. This increases the ad sense on your video and gives you a better number of viewers. 

6. Get inspired. There are many people like you, who had started from zero and now have become sensational. So, watch their videos and try to listen to their advice. You don’t have to follow the exact thing they did, but surely you can use the positivity for your first video.

7. Smart handling. It is very important that you smartly handle the display of your first video. Make sure that your audio is clear and audible. Give a short and peppy introduction of yourself. You can also use some subtle catch bait for the title. You can also use the YouTube converter to download some other video clipping and use them.