Honestly, you can’t sell Amazon gift cards; or perhaps you can, but that will surely get you suspended (more on that here: https://www.gotsuspendedclients.com/amazon-suspension/ )! Let’s see why!

Amazon is a huge company, which has approximately 2.5 million sellers and God knows how many customers. It’s not surprising that everyone tends to open a new seller account to sell goods, and make good money, and that everyone wants to open a buyer account, because shopping with Amazon is easy and convenient. 

Amazon is all about shopping and enjoying the benefits of online life. You can buy not only useful stuff from this platform, but also books, electronics, furniture, clothing, and everything that you can ever think of. You want a Game of Thrones coloring book or meat shredder claws? Amazon has them! With the help of Amazon, it is now possible to enjoy Amazon Music, Kindle, Audible, Amazon Alexa and so much more! Obviously, one of the best gifts that anyone can get is a gift card. It’s pretty easy, you just have to go and find Amazon gift cards, choose the amount of money, and voila!

So, can you sell Amazon gift cards without getting penalties? No! Why? Because Amazon says so! Let’s have a look at its policies concerning the gift card. Just like anything else on Amazon, gift card restrictions and prohibited activities should be always taken into account. Amazon is straightforward as always, it just cuts to the chase and tells you “Sell or exchange a gift card for cash or for any other prepaid payment instrument.” But even if you changed your mind after this article, make sure you purchase a gift card from an authorized third party; Amazon can’t guarantee their legitimacy!

In fact, we at Got Suspended Clients have seen quite a few sellers get suspended because of fake or expired gift cards! Even worse, they’ve opened second accounts and have been suspended again! (Go here to find out how we can help you set up multiple Amazon accounts: https://www.gotsuspendedclients.com/amazon-accounts/

And did you know that you can’t even offer an Amazon gift card instead of a positive feedback, or removing the negative ones? Yes! Chances are extremely high that Amazon will catch you red-handed, and you will have your Amazon seller account suspended and your only chance would be to appeal your Amazon suspension until reinstated! 

As you see, Amazon is very strict when it comes to its own policies. Make sure you know everything about them. It can be the Seller Code of Conduct, spoofed emails, multiple accounts Amazon regulations, and so on. If you infringe at least one of them, just know that you’ve already bought a ticket to a suspended account!

Amazon is a really important player in the eCommerce game, which means that it won’t let you ruin everything it has ever built. If you have found deteriorating metrics on your account, know that it’s a red flag! But don’t panic, and don’t run; just make sure you fix the issue to prevent a suspension. For example, if you have negative feedback on your listings, contact the buyers who left them and try to make everything as smooth as the sea!

If you already have a suspended account and don’t know how to appeal and get it back, just find a good and experienced Amazon appeal service like us at Got Suspended Clients, and see how your account get back to your hands!