The fact that we can now order and pay for coffee via a mobile application shows how the world of transactions has come a long way from the usual cash payments. The most recent, and most popular, form of payment to emerge in an increasingly digital economy is cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies are a purely digital medium of exchange. And there are those who ensure that they are the currency of the future. Unlike currencies issued by governments, cryptocurrencies are not managed by central banks. The technology that supports these digital assets is Blockchain, a virtual cash and data movement registration system, in which transactions cannot be modified or manipulated after being registered. Technology advocates argue that it is a secure, fast and transparent system.

The cryptocurrency market is booming. Since the creation in 2009 of the first (and most well-known) cryptocurrency - Bitcoin - dozens of other cryptocurrencies have been created around the world. New Zealand this year became the first country to legalize wage payments in cryptocurrency, while the People's Bank of China says it is close to announcing its own digital currency. Facebook's intention to create its cryptocurrency - called Libra - brought even more media attention to this issue. A social media giant such as Facebook taking part in the launch of cryptocurrencies means that the era of cryptocurrencies is approaching.

As with all emerging technologies, there is an inescapable reality: the greater the consumer demand, the greater the supply of companies and institutions. Financial institutions, such as banks or payment card companies, have already joined cryptocurrencies, but soon traditional investors are also expected to join this revolution. This revolution may be slow enough at first but is expected to progress so rapidly that we may be surprised when such extreme changes occur. The idea that currencies had to be pledged in gold might have seemed ancient at that time. Trading will be dominated by cryptocurrencies and it is not impossible that we will enter an era without banknotes.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to cryptocurrencies. For that we need a platform like GenesisONE that can bridge everything, not only everything related to cryptocurrencies but also other business projects. GenesisONE is a platform that provides maximum security through multiple cryptocurrencies. If your token is stolen or lost, the platform will replace your token with a new one.

This is more than just a crypto currency because through GenesisONE tokens you can invest in various GenesisONE projects, of course with a guarantee that you will get financial benefits depending on how big the performance of the projects you are involved in.

GenesisONE also allows you to get involved in various online games which give you the opportunity to earn as much profit as possible. Examples are popular lotteries such as PowerBall and MegaBall. No matter where you are, with GenesisONE you can participate easily. Geographical boundaries are your past!

But what exactly is GenesisONE?

This is an ICO. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, a fundraising mechanism that will later be distributed in the form of standardized coins. GenesisONE coins are valued at $ 1 USD to guarantee a level of trustworthiness. Thus anyone can invest without worry because of the stability of value. GenesisONE is a future fundraising mechanism that will help each member to play, invest and trade on a wide variety of commodities, from cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks to traditional physical commodities. The popularity of cryptocurrencies appears to have led to the emergence of more advanced mechanisms to accommodate everyone around the world to participate in global projects without restrictions.

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