Do you never seem to find time to learn a skill you’ve wanted to learn for a while? Have you been thinking of learning a new language but does working full time and following harcore classes on top of that seem too rough? Then e-learning might be something for you! In this article, we give you 4 reasons why you might actually be able to learn something new with e-learning. 

1. E-learning is often cheaper than taking classes

This of course depends on the skill you’re trying to learn and which e-learning course you’re taking, but did you know you can find tons of courses online that are completely free? From learning how to work with Photoshop to learning Greek, you’ll probably find cool courses that are completely free. And have you heard of eDX? This site is filled with free courses from top universities like Harvard and MIT. Do you need to follow a course for your job or do you need an official certificate? Then it might be better to pay for a top-notch course. 

2. Learn without the pressure of a class 

Taking evening classes sometimes feels a lot like high school. You all have desks, there’s a teacher that might call your name … If you’ve never been too fond of that, e-learning can help you out. You learn a new skill entirely on your own - unless of course it’s an e-learning course where you regularly can ask questions to a teacher. 

3. Learn on your own pace

Some days, you’re really not in the mood to learn. Something might have gone wrong at work or you might be stressed. If that’s exactly the day you have to drag yourself to a class, it might not be your most productive class … With e-learning, you can learn whenever you want, wherever you want. Just open your laptop when you have some spare time or when you feel like it. Super handy! Depending on which courses you’re taking, some might have soft deadlines and others might let you handle everything on your own. 

4. E-learning with exercises

If you’re choosing an e-learning course, check if there are any exercises included. It’s always handy if you can practice what you’ve learned straight away! Video exercises are the best kind. In the Netherlands, the biggest provider of technical courses (Dutch: VCA cursus) swears by videos in both the course and the exercises, because people remember the info better because of it! 

We hope you can learn lots of new skills through e-learning!