Now that we have established that PVC cards are the new normal and the need for PVC ID Cards cannot be ignored, a business may decide not to outsource the printing of these cards and to start making them in-house for their employees and for other uses. 

This may seem like a cost saving and more efficient option to many businesses but a simple mistake when buying the PVC Card Printer may result in a less than an ideal equipment being bought by the company resulting in possible increase in cost or lower efficiency than required. Therefore, the decision to buy the right PVC Card Printing Machine is of huge importance here and to ensure that certain factors should be considered while making the decision.

1. Purpose:

The purpose of printing the PVC cards in-house would be of huge importance while deciding on which PVC card printer to buy. A company may want to reduce the cost of these cards or may want to make the process more efficient by reducing the lead time and having the cards readily available for new employees or needs. This would be the case in organizations where a lot of contractual staff is present or the ingress and egress of guests is very frequent in which case the access cards would be needed almost immediately whenever a new person has to enter the premises. Additionally, the estimated number of cards to be printed in a certain period of time will also impact the decision of which ID Card Printing Machine would be the most suitable for the business. Each printer machine would have a monthly duty cycle which would tell an average estimated output capacity which should be equal if not more than the estimated number of IDs to be printed in that time. For this matter a basic model of machine may not be useful and an advanced model with higher efficiency will be needed which will not wear out due to additional load of printing and will also be quick in printing.

2. Functions:

When deciding which ID Card Printing Machine to purchase, the functions each available option has to offer should be carefully considered. These functions should be aligned with the functions that the printed ID card will have to perform in that organization. For example, a business may want to incorporate security features or limited access to places on different cards belonging to different people. Ideally, the PVC Card Printing Machine the business eventually settles for should be able to perform all those functions. 

This will also have an impact on the cost of the machine as high features may mean higher consumables cost i.e. printer ribbons, cleaning kits and usage of electricity etc. This shows that not only the cost of PVC Card Printing Machine should be considered but also the consumables cost should also be taken into account. A cheaper machine may have a high consumables cost.

3. Print Sides:

A PVC Card Printing Machine depending on its model will either be able to print just a single side or even a double sided printed card. A company will have to identify its requirements in this aspect as well. A business with only a few basic details to be printed on just one side of the card may not need to invest in models allowing double sided printing. Similarly, a business which requires a more sophisticated card may not be able to work with the PVC Card Printing Machine capable of printing on just one side of the card. A wrong decision in this regard may render the investment in PVC Card Printing Machine useless for a business.

Seaory Card Printers:

Seaory offers a variety of PVC Card Printing Machines which caters to a range of user needs. For example: for businesses needing only single side printed cards may opt for S20R, S20 or S21 models. While S20R and S20 only allow manual feeding, the S21 allows both manual and automatic card feeding making the ID Card Printing Machine more efficient. 

For double side printing, Seaory offers S22 and S22K both of which allow manual and automatic card feeding. 

The PVC Card Printing Machines offered by Seaory are all time efficient with the maximum time for monochrome printing being 6 seconds and for full color printing 20 seconds.

With its cost and productivity efficient range of PVC Card Printing Machines which are also smart size, Seaory can cater to most if not all of the businesses planning to print IDs in-house so as to reduce costs and improve efficiency.