Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most successful battle royale games available for game enthusiasts. The game features a large open world where you can find new weapons, contracts and also do a lot of things. Before going to start playing this game, you need to learn all about its different aspects. It is not easy to play the game, and that's why you need to be familiar with the basics. With the help of tutorials and tweaks, you can learn more about the game. Make sure you are paying proper attention to weapons and other aspects. 

In this way, you can play the game like a pro and earn better rewards. When the match begins, you will be provided with the task of choosing a location on the map. After selecting the right location, you can land on the same to compete against other players. During the match, you can roam around and look for the weapons and other items. Try to pick the weapons which are suitable for your play style and other requirements. Having better weapons can help you to beat the opponents with ease. You can take part in the match by forming a squad. 

If you are in a squad, then you need to take care of the other members too. Make sure they all have good weapons to survive in the game longer. You can also drop items or weapons for your fellow members. With the help of the ping system available in the game, you can assist the members of your team. When you consider warzone cheats, you don’t need to worry about winning the match. It is the best option you can consider instead of making efforts to beat the opponents. 

Learn how to get started 
If you are excited to play Call of Duty: Warzone but don't have an idea about how to get started, then you should keep some basic tips in mind. First of all, you need to know about the different game modes available to choose from. Learn about all game modes, and you should also try these modes for having an ultimate game experience. Every match in the game puts you against 150 players on a map. With the help of competing against these players, you can increase your winning chances. 

Players need to pick a location on the map smartly, and then they will be taken to the same place with a parachute. They also have an option to cut the parachute to reach the desired location faster than other players. After this, they should look for loots and try to eliminate other players. With the help of this, they can gain success to be the last player standing on the map. 

Winning strategies for beginners 
Winning a match is all about making a good strategy, so you should keep this thing in mind. Most beginners are heading over to the matches without having a plan in mind. If you are also doing the same, then it may negatively affect your winning chances. And that's why you should always make a good strategy and keep improving the same to play better. Here, you can also read some effective strategies which beginners need to know- 

Focus on contracts 
When you play Call of Duty: Warzone, it is good to focus on the gameplay, but you also need to earn cash and XP. These are the important resources of the game that you can also acquire by using warzone cheats. It is easy to use the method that you can also consider to get rid of the shortage of in-game resources. Contracts are short missions that help players to get nice rewards. In these missions, you will be asked to visit various points across the map to gain weapons, items, and cash. The different types of contracts available in the game are bounty, recon, and scavenger. 

Never stay in one spot 
While playing Warzone, you need to be familiar with the different locations of the map. You need to play a few games to learn more about the different locations and the map. When you drop in an area, you need to get familiar with everything. With the help of this, you don’t need to waste your next when you drop in the same area. Keep moving with your squad because it is not helpful to stay in one spot for a long time. If you stay at one spot, then enemies can attack your team. You should try to look for the best loots so you can compete against your opponents in a better way.  

Always stay with your teammates 
Warzone is a multiplayer game, which means you can play it with your buddies and get more fun. If you are playing the game in a squad, then you should take care of them. When you are exploring the map, you should stick with your team members. You can easily eliminate the enemies when you have got a buddy at your side. You can help your teammates to get back in the game, and they can also do the same. You can also share items with your team members so they can perform better during the matches. 

Make sure you are paying equal attention to all these tips and implementing the same to play the game better. Always try to remember these tips to improve your progress and win the matches by killing your opponents. 

The final verdict 
Whether you are a beginner or pro player, you need to keep some imperative tips and tricks in mind to give your best. Make sure you are focusing on the gameplay and also try to earn cash. Never forget about the warzone cheats as it helps players to enhance their progress speed. You can also get help from this tool and notice the improvements later. Players need to get the best weapons and armor to kill enemies and win the match. In this way, they can achieve a higher ranking and get better scores.