Gold is valued as one of the best and safest investment assets for many people. It is considered as one of the most legitimate and trusted forms of value. Further, it can be used as a safe investment option during inflation. That’s why; even new investors include some percentage of gold in their investment portfolio.

However, many people do not want to possess physical gold for some reason. The primary reason is the fear of theft and losing somewhere. 

Apart from this, it is now possible to invest in gold without carrying physically. Now people can invest in digital gold where they do not have to store it in physical form with them. In this article, I am going to share about the future of gold. But before that, I would like to shed some light on what is digital gold and how it works?

Digital Gold

Digital gold is a new way of investing in the precious metal without acquiring it physically. You can invest in it with a very small amount (even with $1). This is a convenient and effective way to invest in gold anytime and from anywhere. Due to this, the investment in the yellow metal is rapidly increasing among the investor community. 

When you own one gram digital gold, it is equivalent to 24K pure physical gold, and you can sell it digitally. Now let us know how it works and whether you should invest in it?

How does it work?

Digital gold is issued by MMTC in association with PAMP. When you invest in digital gold, you purchase 99.9% pure gold online, and you don’t need to worry about its purity, extraction, making-charge, etc. You are not going to carry the physical gold with you. 

Further, you can purchase the gold fractions which you cannot do with physical gold. Due to such convenience, investors are now attracted to digital gold. So what should you do? Should you invest in digital gold? Understanding about the future of digital gold can help you decide whether you should invest in digital gold or not?

Future of Digital Gold

To understand the future of digital gold, I will discuss four important factors about it. The following points will help you understand the advantage of digital form over the physical gold. 

Ease of Investment

Investing in digital gold is very easy as compared to physical gold. Again, you can invest in it from anywhere and anyplace. 

Along with that, buying and selling of digital gold are far easier than physical gold due to robust digital infrastructure. With the demand and growth of digitalization, the future of digital gold is going to be bright.

Opportunities in Digital Gold

In the digital era, it is now possible to accumulate gold even without acquiring the physical form of precious metal. Many investors are comparing digital gold with the most popular digital currency, bitcoin. 

However, bitcoin is not a tangible asset or no physical significance, whereas digital gold is supported by a real-world value equivalent to pure physical gold. Bitcoin is a virtual currency Which is best for Trading in Crypto. It has many real-world applications, and it is now used in many industries.

Safety and Security

As far as safety and security are concerned, digital gold is better. You do need not worry about storing and carrying digital gold. Again, it is not easier to sell physical gold, whereas you can sell digital gold anytime and anywhere. 


When you consider transparency or purity, you don’t need to worry about it in digital gold. On the other hand, you can’t be assured about the purity of the gold you buy when you buy it physically. So digital gold is better than physical gold in terms of transparency and it has a good future potential. 


With all of these factors, it is clear that digital gold is far better than physical gold in terms of investment. However, if you want to wear jewelry, then that is a different matter. But if you’re going to invest in gold as a store of value, then digital gold is the better option. Hopefully, the above information has helped you to understand the future of gold. Now share your thoughts on this and ask if you have queries.