Businesses around the U.S. are finding themselves at a crossroads when it comes to bringing employees back into the office during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have chosen to provide in-office options, while others have stayed completely remote. In any case, the events of 2020 have made remote work a reality for many businesses, and those companies are finding cloud technologies crucial to maintain operations.  

Cloud technology comes in many forms, including cloud communications and cloud computing. A vast range of solutions – including document storage – are now available in the cloud, and businesses are leveraging them to transition to the work-from-home environment that suits them best. Cloud services help businesses stay connected across global distances, store data so geographically-dispersed employees can access it, and operate securely without having to house physical infrastructure. Document storage software is one of the chief technologies businesses are leveraging in the cloud to enable employees to work from anywhere. Here’s how: 
Access Critical Business Documents Securely from Any Location 
A document management system in the cloud means your business doesn’t have to install or maintain the software on its premises. Leaving it up to a software provider to house all your documents can seem like you’re compromising your security, but it’s quite the opposite. Cloud document management providers are experts in securing business data and documents. They employ firewalls and advanced security technologies to ensure documents stored through their solution remain accessible to only the right employees.  
The right cloud document storage provider will also keep your files on a disaster-proof storage system, and they will regularly update the software so you’ll always have the latest version. With data stored off-site, you don’t have to worry about physical damage or maintaining your own security and backup measures. The provider will also keep cloud backups of your documents in case of an emergency. 
Enjoy Flexibility and Scalability No Matter Where Your Workflows Operate 
Cloud document storage allows you to easily add, manage, and subtract documents and data without worrying about physical limitations. As with on-premise document management software, you’ll already benefit from reducing reliance on physical document storage, but the cloud takes that freedom a step further. Document storage in the cloud allows you to simply pay on a subscription basis for what space you take up. There are no limitations on how much storage you use, and it’s quick and easy to scale up or down with your software provider. Your remote workforce will have all the document storage it needs to run smoothly from any location.  
An added freedom that comes with cloud-based document management is the ability to free up your IT staff to focus on more strategic items or other essential tasks. They will not have to maintain, monitor, or upgrade an on-premise software solution, making them available for more important work. 
Give Employees Reliable Access from Anywhere 
One of the ultimate benefits of cloud-based document control software is the ability it gives employees to collaborate on documents, access them, and move through workflows from any location around the world. As long as an employee has access to the internet, that employee can work with documents within your cloud from any device. Your employee’s ability to access documents is simply as reliable as their internet connection. You can expand your workforce beyond the borders of your geographical region, knowing employees have access to secure documents at any time, from anywhere.  
Deploy the Solution Quickly 
Cloud-based technologies require little setup and onboarding time. Your remote workforce can quickly adopt cloud-based document management and start accessing files and data. Without the need to set up and install software on your premise or worry about backups, your team can securely connect in a way that doesn’t disrupt their operation. 
Stay Compliant 
Complications arose for many businesses that had to go remote at the beginning of 2020, and those complications were worse for companies that had to figure out how to stay compliant from home. Cloud-based document control makes compliance in the cloud simple. A cloud document control software will keep your data in line with any regulatory and compliance needs – no matter your industry. 
Empower Your Remote Workforce with Cloud-Based Document Control Software 
You’re hard-pressed to find a downside to using cloud document management, but it’s essential for businesses with remote workflows. Any vital documentation, data, or files that need to traverse distances should be safe, compliant, easily accessible, and reliably backed-up. DocXellent cloud-based document control gives businesses a competitive advantage in today’s uncertain world, and it provides a sense of security as they navigate a geographically-dispersed workforce.