During the Industrial revolution, production lines were made up of thousands of people. However, since their invention, industrial robots have been consistently used by manufacturers all over the world. This is understandable as they are game-changers in the way production lines work. 

As the years pass, new innovations in robotics have sprung up, evolving into an integral part of various industries. If you are running your very own manufacturing business you should really think of investing in them, here are a few reasons why:

1. Easy Installation

One of the best things about industrial robots, especially the newer models, is that they can be installed quite easily. All you need to do is input instructions and they will follow them consistently. 

This gives them an edge over human workers: they will always have a learning curve before getting close to perfection. With industrial robots however, they can be installed with minimal fuss, and start working immediately. 

2. They Are Safe to Work With

There is a misconception that industrial robots are unsafe to work with, this is mainly due to their being machines, and machines are known to malfunction. With the right precautions, however, they are in fact very safe to work with. Most industrial robots are strategically placed away from human workers, this way they will not get in each other’s way. It helps minimize accidents. 

Moreover, industrial robots are designed in a way that they can be shut down within seconds. This way, in case of a malfunction, they can be easily turned off to avoid injuries to human workers and damage to other robots. 

3. The Robots Do the Brunt of the Work

Whether you are manufacturing electronics or bottles, there is one thing that these industries have in common;  they require a lot of physical labor. Materials need to be melted and molded into new forms. Additionally, the product needs to be processed, tested and packed within the day. 

This kind of operation would require a lot of human workers. However, with the introduction of industrial robots, manufacturing plants no longer need to hire thousands of workers. All they need is a production line of industrial robots, and the work can be done faster and more efficiently.

4. Industrial Robots Are Extremely Versatile

Although industrial robots are divided according to their types and design, they can be used for a large number of applications. For instance, the industrial robot arm is an articulate type of industrial robot: it is very flexible and dexterous and can be used to perform precise applications such as pick and place, palletizing, handling, and packing. 

Its versatility makes it perfect for any type of manufacturing business, whether it is the automobile industry or packaging. Some companies such as EVS create specialized industrial robots that can be used for multiple industries. 

5. Increase Production Speed

When it comes to running a manufacturing company, speed is key. Remember that orders need to be produced, gathered, packed, and delivered on time. This can put a lot of stress on human workers. 

No matter how skilled or experienced human workers are, their reflexes and concentration are far from perfection. The production speed is also still very limited no matter how hard they push themselves. 

Industrial robots, on the other hand, are built for speed and accuracy. When installed in a production line, they can work with unerring precision for hours on end. Overall, if you use industrial robots in your manufacturing plant your production speed is sure to increase.

6. Lessens Instances of Human Error

Human workers are prone to making mistakes. They can get distracted or fatigued during work and can fall to instances of human error. Industrial robots, on the other hand, are designed to work in such conditions. They are machines created for such a purpose. They do not have thoughts or concepts that can distract them. This makes them immune to committing errors that humans would be prone to, and perfect tools for the assembly line.

7.   Enhanced Reputation With Clients

Industrial robots have the capacity to enhance a company’s reputation because they are highly efficient tools. Most manufacturing companies tour clients and partners around their facilities. It is a way to show clients that the company can deliver on its promises and that the client is in good hands. Industrial robots are also quite expensive to procure and maintain. So by using them in your operations, you are showing clients that the company is thriving.

8. Longer Work Hours

One of the main setbacks of using human workers is the fatigue factor. Humans cannot work for more than a few hours a day without rest. They would get exhausted: this would likely lead to a lack of concentration, a recipe for injuries. 

Industrial robots, on the other hand, can work as long as required, without any issues whatsoever as long as they are properly maintained. This will enable you to increase production for your business.


Using industrial robots in your manufacturing operations can take some time and funding. You will have to reconfigure your entire work process to include them; they are worth the effort though. Their combination of speed, accuracy, and a vast selection of applications is proof that industrial robots are the next stage of evolution for manufacturing companies. 

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