There has been a surge in the popularity of online games. This has been particularly noticeable with the internet reaching parts of the world where it wasn’t present before. The industry is still seeing unmatched growth and is not expected to stop anytime before. Online gaming is a fun experience and provides thrills to even adults. You might be looking to make this enriching experience more fruitful. This article will guide you for the same.

Enhance internet speed
In any online game, internet speed can sometimes decide the winner and loser. It often happens in battle royale games that a slight fluctuation in your internet speed results in you missing your shot at an opponent. That is really frustrating at times. To upgrade your internet speed, you can use a few tips. 

1. Prefer a wired connection over Wi-Fi. Wireless signals are vulnerable to interference.  And it doesn't really matter how fast your internet is; these interferences always find a way to creep in. A wired connection will always give better results.

2. Get rid of background applications that use up the internet. There are many of these background processes and programs that utilize your internet and hardware. These minimized programs do have an effect on the functioning of the game. So, before running your game, open task manager and eliminate these programs, if any. 

Watch some game commentaries
There are excellent game commentaries available online if you know where to look. Watching them before you start playing a new game or even continuing an old one can be of great help. There are some fixes and problems many gamers go through, and these commentators can address these. Apart from all this, it is fun to just watch the game sometimes instead of going through it yourself. Some game commentaries are super entertaining. Like in this video by Betway , some pro-level West Ham players are seen commentating on a Counter-Strike game. 

Update your system hardware
The hardware you use has a direct impact on your gaming life. Someone who used outdated and old equipment will never quite get the same processing speed as someone who uses up-to-date hardware. So, ensure to regularly update various gaming hardware like controllers, graphics cards, monitors, etc. Modern games will only run smoothly when your device is updated with the latest drivers. The other benefit of this is that your game loading time will also reduce.

Graphics card modifications

It would be an understatement to say that the graphics card is crucial to your gaming experience. By modifying the graphics card, you can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Here are some tips for the same

1. Decrease the graphics settings. This might sound stupid, but you actually don’t need to maximize your game settings. Doing that can cause your gameplay to suffer. So reduce 3D resolution, texture, anti-aliasing, and view distance. 

2. Reduce the resolution. The temptation to make your game look more crisp and distinct is strong. However, it is wise not to do that since it will enhance the burden on your graphics card.