WordPress is the most popular open-source content management system. It is available free of cost, to install, deploy, and upgrade. It allows a user to do several things with the plugins and templates that come along. Packed with numerous features and customization possibilities, it gives a lot of room to create a fully functional website without taking much development time. One can create an informative, eCommerce based website, blog website, and other websites using a different set of plugins available in WordPress.

Let's discuss what makes WordPress one of the best CMS for website development.

Easy to Install, Update, and Manage
WordPress is very easy to install on a web server, unlike other open sources' CMS. There are several ways in which a word press can be installed on a web server. Due to WordPress's popularity, several shared web host tools are available in the market that makes it very easy to install on the server and host both. Once the website is developed and deployed on the webserver, it doesn't require any programming skills to manage it. WordPress rolls out theme and plugins updated regularly, and you can update and manage your website all by yourself. You do not require any technical expertise to do the job.

Built-In SEO Boosts 
SEO improves website ranking on Google search engine. WordPress comes with built-in parameters that are predefined by Google to rank any website. There are several plugins available on WordPress organization that can be installed to add meta tags and keyword descriptions to your site.

Easily Customizable
The Dashboard of WordPress displays all the features and functionalities very clearly. Even if you are not a programmer, you can easily understand what plugins are used for which functionality and install them as you need. You can select the theme and create your dynamic website just as you need. You don't need to contact any WordPress website development company to do this and charge a large sum of fee in return.

Plethora Of Themes And Plugins 
Plenty of beautiful themes under multiple categories are present in the WordPress platform. They are free to download and can be installed in just a few clicks. These themes can be customized using various plugins and widgets with just drag and drop feature. Paid plugins are also available at low prices, which are handy and give added functionality to the website. These plugins can be installed/uninstalled at any time if you do not wish to use a particular feature. There are paid themes as well that include higher features and unique designs that are available at a minimum cost. You can even get a customized plan from a WordPress website development company where expert designers are there to create an entirely new design.

Good use of icons makes your website look much clearer and more professional. Read about plugins which help you to add WordPress icon fonts to your website.

Mobile Optimization
Most of the website users are active on mobile more than on any other device. Your website must be mobile optimized to give the user a better look n feel. WordPress comes with built-in features for the mobile view. WordPress websites are already mobile responsive, and the developer doesn't need to work on its responsiveness.

WordPress Security
As a WordPress website owner, you do not have to worry about its security. Install themes and plugins that you trust, to minimize the fear of getting your site hacked. Update your theme and plugins when the WordPress notifies you. Add SSL for extra security.

Easy Integration With Other Software Tools 
Most of the business website owners want their users to interact with them. WordPress allows this by smooth integration of social media platforms where users can like, comment, and share anything that is required. WordPress websites can be integrated with analytics apps and other primary marketing tools to check the statistics of the website.

The above-mentioned points are just a few reasons why WordPress is the best CMS. It is cost-effective and flexible, as well. Its multi-user capability allows the owner of the website to define roles and its access to each user. Its customers support active 247 and always there to assist through various mediums. You can also add your blog to the site.
The WordPress community is growing day by day, making it better by better with new themes, plugins, and features, making it the best and most popular content management system.