It’s not every day that you will be asked to do a JPG to PDF conversion, but when the job crops up, you need to have the options to do it without effort effectively. Although dedicated, standalone software can do the job easily and seamlessly, little and seemingly inconsequential tasks like this are easily done through online browser-based tools. So why do you need to make the switch from a sturdy application to online tools? Let us count the ways:

You can access the tool worldwide, anytime
PDF conversion can involve several file formats. Office-based formats like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are usually the ones that are converted to PDF, and vice-versa. When you convert JPG to PDF, it’s a more advanced maneuver, but none too complicated. The task won’t probably constitute your everyday job, but when you are asked to do this particular job, better be prepared!

One of the best reasons why you should switch to browser-based PDF converters is that since its online, you can access the tool anywhere, anytime. You don’t need fancy computers with high-end specs; you just have to have a working browser in your phone, a laptop, even a game console, and you can convert PDF effortlessly and effectively in minutes!

It supports any device.
Converting PDF online also is more universal when compared with standalone PDF editing software. With the latter, you need to have a working computer or laptop, meet the software’s requirements, and have it installed. This means that you have to fire it up first - and for what? A task that would usually take only minutes to do? 

With online, browser-based PDF editors like PDF Bear, you can access the tool from any computer, laptop, smartphone - any device really that has a working browser and is connected to the Internet. This is very important for when you are out of town, or on a work vacation. You can stay on top of your job without so much as lifting your smartphone in front of you!

There’s no installation needed.
Another great benefit of web-based PDF editors is that there is no installation needed to be able to access it. For third-party software, you’ll need first to find the right software for you, check its requirements, and see if your device meets it, download the software’s file for installation, and parse it for the installation itself. That’s quite the process before you can do anything. 

When there is no installation involved, the time spent on deciding what software to download and installing it will go to other more important core functions. As a result, you’ll have better time management, and will probably spend more time on core functions, instead of finding a solution to an otherwise quick and easy task. 

When you concentrate on the core functions of your job, you’ll be more efficient. In turn, you’ll have a more streamlined workflow. Working with PDF editors online makes sense in the climate we are in right now - the technology is there, the resources, and everything else that needs to be there for it to work seamlessly. Please take advantage of it!

JPG to PDF conversion is best done through online channels. That much is true. So if you want to get the most out of your time, make the switch now. With these presented reasons, you might as well do all your PDF editing online! Where else can you have all these conveniences? Just remember always to update your browser's version so that conversion won't be a problem!