These creatures, called the blood hunters, are misunderstood and feared. They have a strong, unending desire of putting an end to all evil. These blood hunters are competent and mysterious warriors. They are bound to the dark creatures they hunt. 

Blood hunters are armed with rites of forbidden hemocraft and are driven by their willingness to sacrifice their life and spirits for the cause. They remain vigilant to protect themselves from the darkness of shadows and from becoming the same monsters they are hunting. How ironic and tragic a blood hunter’s life is.  

If you love video games that are particularly violet and dystopian like bloodborne, you are bound to become a fan of the Blood Hunter class of dungeons and dragons. It is a grimdark fantasy-based game, filled with danger, gore, and sadness. To learn more about how to play this brooding class, you can read through Play&Ground's Blood Hunter 5e guide.

Monsters Fighting Monsters: 

Blood hunters are driven by the wish to bring a change and the need to exact revenge for all the cruelty they have suffered in this wicked world. Witnessing other powerful blood hunters and sacrificing their own humanity, inspires them. Tryin to find a sense of belonging in this cold and uncaring world can turn them into this monster. All of these reasons can make one to take up the Hunter’s Bane and choose this life. 

When one joins the order of blood hunters, they also become a part of a family. They all become a family under the skin, bound by the services to each other and the cause. This family is all they are left with, a family they have come to love. The relationship between them is stronger than any bond, a bond that is impossible to break. 

The life of a blood hunter is not easy. Surviving the hunter bane, a dangerous ritual, visibly alters the, binding them to the darkness forever. This visible change can bring distress and horror to ordinary people. Witnessing blood rituals and magical spells that make the blood hunter even powerful can evoke fear even in the most learned people of the society. 

Some people are gradually accepting the good deeds of the orders, yet many blood hunters hide their identity and nature in front of common folk. They feel more comfortable in the wild nature where the orders are trained. 

Even so, the best work a blood hunter can do usually involves the poor and defenseless on the outskirts of society, those prone to the corrupting touch of fiends and dark intension. Fighting against the threat of abuse, these blood hunters cross civilizations, earn coins as bounty hunters or mercenaries. Always on the lookout for the signs of something more sinful deep under the surface. 

When these dark protectors choose this path, they give up every emotional, physical, and moral part of their being to this cause. The blood hunters have their own unique methods and ideas that they practice. More often than not, these techniques come from the dark origin that tests the will and power of the blood hunter order.  

The blood hunters travel the countryside to find people fighting for the same cause and follow the whispers of the dark deeds so that they won’t lose the struggle. It takes years of discipline and a burning vigilance which turns them into wanderers.  

How Is A Blood Hunter Created: 

Before you create a blood hunter, you need to answer some important questions related to different aspects of your character. Why are you choosing this lifestyle, why do you want to become a blood hunter? Why do you want the darkness to swallow you whole and live with the evil you want to fight? Have you suffered at the hands of these brutal beasts and wish to save others from suffering the same pain? Are you looking for a sense of belonging and purpose? 

Are you as evil and as dark from the inside as other monsters and want someone to watch over you so you don’t succumb to the seed of evil within you? Are you looking for a cause to protect the innocent with or are you a monster with dark past trying to make amends? 

How will you handle the powers of hemocraft and the abilities it will grant you? Do you respect the ancient powers and promise to always respect is as you move to its mastery? Do you fear the power that will be surging through your veins using them only when it’s absolutely necessary?

Do you promise to grow even more and enjoy the strength and embrace the change it will bring? Do you believe in the superstitions that this power will turn you into the monster eventually? Will you give in to this fear or will you be confidently able to control your mind? Do 
you believe in your strength to use these gifts to bring a brighter day? 

Blood hunters belong to a certain order and a lot of hunters leave the order to learn beyond the limit and show their best work. So, as a blood hunter, you need to decide if you will leave the order for good and never to come back or if you will return. Can you meet you goals as a blood hunter after striking out of the order?

Most of the blood hunters that leave the comfort of the order remain on a good path. However, some hunters, even while staying in the order, walk straight into the darkness and let the evil take over them. They fall for the bewitching side of the blood magic and use their strength for cruel and evil purposes. Those who become rebellious and deviate are thrown out of the order and are hunted as the monsters they were once training to hunt. 

These orders are secretive, made to protect the mysterious rituals and techniques.  The hunter’s bane rite is only accessed when one adheres to these orders. The secrets of the orders are only revealed when the journey of the hunters starts. And when they are able to prove their strength, will, and dedication. Through these small sects, a hunter learns his true power.