I'd like to tell you about a very simple but effective method which I personally use to make some cash. 

I placed the ads on my news websites and I promote news posts via my Facebook groups. I have about 70k users from Asian countries in all of my groups. Easy way to get traffic, especially if you choose hot topics for your news posts. But don't do any Corona news or US politics during elections. Bad idea. Zuckerberg doesn't like it.

You can search the content by yourself, manually copy and paste the text to your website giving a link to the original source. Or you can use Feedzy plugin for Wordpress to create an automated news aggregator website.

Post the articles to your groups. People will click and visit your website. I’m using ads from AdsTerra, because it is easy to get approved there and they provided me with personal manager.

I placed an image of video player in every of my posts. I attached Direct ad link to it, so every time user clicks on it, they see the ads, and I earn money. ☺ Here are my results for August:

If user clicks, I have an impression and Adsterra pays me by CPM. 

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If you have any questions, feel free to  contact me: makorimwangi@gmail.com

If you don't have Facebook group yet, there are a lot of information on the Internet how you can start a new one or buy existing. Once you have it, you can monetize it without additional investments ;-)

Hope you enjoy the information!