iPhone users are always on the lookout for a software that helps them manage the media files on their device in a better way. Managing media files includes everything from storage, backup, and restoration. 

For most iPhone users, iTunes was the go-to solution. However, the software has now been discontinued by Apple on Mac devices and for those with Windows, iTunes poses a lot of problems that includes causing the computer to lag. Moreover, many users find its lack of an intuitive interface quite frustrating.  If you are looking for the best alternative to iTunes, you need to look no further and get DearMob iphone Manager for free

DearMob iPhone Manager is a fantastic option to backup iPhone without iTunes because of its friendly user interface and fast speed, among several other reasons. With the help of this software, you will be able to easily transfer media files from your iPhone to your Windows or Mac device. 

Managing the files becomes a simple task owing to the multiple features that the software offers. Here are some of the best features that you can access by installing this software: 

It's easy-to-use and safe

Dear Mob iPhone Manager has an extremely friendly user interface and you will have no trouble in navigating the software in order to manage all of your media files. You can also encrypt the backup media files with a strong military-grade algorithm. Thus, ensuring that all of your files are safe. 

Transfer Your Photos At High Speed

One of the biggest drawbacks of other iPhone media managers like iTunes is that they were pretty slow. With DearMob, however, you won't face this problem due to its lightning fast speed. In fact, in just 8 seconds, you can transfer 100 4k pictures. 

You will also be able to deal with more than 10000 pictures at a time without your device freezing. This speed will make it much easier for you to move photos from iphone to Mac and save space. 

Allow Transfer Of All Types Of Videos

There are a number of file formats in which video files are saved. Not all devices are equipped to read files in all formats. With DearMob, the best iPhone Manager, you can forget about this problem as it will convert unsupported file formats into MOV or MP4- which are supported by iPhones. You will also be able to compress all of your videos by 50% in order to save space. 

Convert Music Files 

Just like video files, music files are also saved in a number of different formats. While transferring music files, DearMob can automatically convert files in several formats to those formats which are supported by iPhones- MP3 and AAC. Moreover, it allows you to transfer non-iTunes music to your iPhones and edit or delete songs without any loss in quality of the music. 

Save Your Contacts Forever 

The contacts on our iPhones are very important. Losing them while formatting your phone or changing to a new iPhone could cause a lot of problems. DearMob allows you to back up your contacts and prevent any number from being lost. 

You can back up your contact list on a regular basis to ensure that all your contacts are stored on DearMob. It will automatically detect any duplicate contacts and merge them. You can also add new contacts and edit or delete previous ones whenever you want to. 

Preserve App Data

As important as it is to backup pictures, videos and contacts, backing up the data of individual apps is also necessary. You might delete some app by mistake and if it is not backed up, you will lose all of your previous data. DearMob provides you an option to back up the data of individual apps on your iPhone. 

This is extremely useful in cases of apps like WhatsApp where your entire chat history can be saved. Whenever you change your iPhone, you can easily restore all the apps along with their data. 

Offer You Controlled Backup and Restore Options

With most other iPhone media managers, you seldom get the option of controlling what you want to back up and restore. That is not the case with DearMob iPhone Manager. 

This software gives you the option to perform a full backup that saves a copy of everything on your iPhone on your Windows or Mac device or a partial backup where you can select which items you want to backup. The same is applicable to restoration where you can restore all of your backed-up data to your iPhone or select some parts of it. 

Totally free for a time-limited time

Most of the iTunes alternatives that you will find will cost you a lot and the features they offer will not even be close to what DearMob iPhone Manager does. You can download DearMob iPhone manager for free on your Windows or Mac device and make managing your media files a piece of cake. 

If you are still confused, here’s a video on ‘how to backup and manage iPhone with DearMob’ for better clarity: 


Instead of letting you select a media folder and clicking on transfer, DearMob gives you the option of individually selecting any file that you want to select- from pictures, videos and music to calendars, SMSs and voice notes. Every media file on your iPhone can be backed up, transferred and restored by using this software. 

So, don't wait any longer to start using the DearMob iPhone Manger and improving the quality of media file management for your iPhone.