Given the cryptocurrencies market wild uncertainty, the number of blockchain wallets continues to expand at a very healthy rate. This phenomenon is closely associated with the number of bitcoin ATMs now more than 7300 worldwide.

According to new market research from a survey, there are almost 50 million users of cryptocurrencies wallets worldwide and this number appears to be going in one direction only .on other hand ten bitcoin ATMs are one of the simplest ways to buy bitcoin (BTC), it is unusual that its prominence is rising as a go-to option for those willing to buy virtual currencies.

It's worth asking about how the bitcoin ATMs operate with several providers. In this article users will learn how to purchase and withdraw cry pro currencies using bitcoin ATMs.

Introduction about Bitcoin ATMs

A bitcoin ATMs is the name implies an automated teller machine that allows a trader to purchase and withdraw virtual currencies such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash among everyone.

The bitcoin ATMs were created for helping users to understand the proper rules for handling cry pro currencies. For buying virtual currencies there is no need for KYC or AML.  Keep reading to know about future of blockchain technology 

Benefits and drawbacks for bitcoin ATMs

Benefits of bitcoin ATMs

Transactions and payments are made quickly and safely
The user can release the amount using cash, debit and credit cards.
For using bitcoin ATMs, a trader does not require any verification process.

Drawbacks of bitcoin ATMs.

For buying and withdraw bitcoin the specific limitation is set i.e. $ 1,000 -$ 10,000
The user is charged between 7 to 10% on every transaction.

How a user can purchase bitcoin using Genesis coin BTM

The first step clicks on screen for beginning
Select the option "Buy Bitcoin”
Next step to select the range of bitcoin
Enter the registered number for OTP
Type OTP code
Select Barcode
Enter bill amount
Confirm OK for transaction
Click on the print option for printing the document.
How a user can purchase using General Bytes BTM

First step select language which suits you
Click "buy bitcoins"
Then select the range of bitcoin a trader wants to purchase
Scan Barcode
The user will enter the bill amount
Click on buy bitcoins for confirmation
Click on the End button.

How a user can purchase using Bit access BTM

Click start button
Enter a registered mobile number for OTP
Type correct Code
Select buy bitcoins
Next process is a barcode scanner
Enter bill amount
Click finish
Print the document
How to sell bitcoin using Genesis coin BTM

Click on screen for beginning
Click on withdraw cash
Enter the amount which is withdrawn
A trader should send an amount to the provided address
The last process to withdraw the bill.
How to sell bitcoin using General Bytes BTM

Select the option sell bitcoins
Enter the withdrawn amount
The computer will print the receipt with barcode
Send the amount to given address
Click on Redeem ticket and scan the barcode mentioned
Now a user can withdraw an amount from the system.
How to sell bitcoin using BitAccess BTM

Enter the registered mobile number for code
Enter the code
Select the option sell bitcoins
Enter the withdrawn amount
Send the amount to given address
The last step is the withdrawal bill is ready.

Is bitcoin ATM being a safe choice: -

Bitcoin ATMs are unquestionably a common alternative for buying and selling bitcoin among people around the world. Their shine is diminishing nowadays as electronic applications deliver similarly easy procedures inside a safe environment

For example, while using the crypterium wallet allows users to purchase and withdraw cryptocurrencies directly from the wallet with an easy method and lower fees. All things considered; bitcoin ATMs stay safer for those intrigued to trade money for bitcoin.