Mindomo offers an online concept map maker. This software gives a lot of benefits than the traditional concept map method. You can also use the software for a free or premium version. Let’s learn the benefits of using Mindomo to support your activity.  

Customize Concept Maps
Previously, you have to start the concept map from the beginning if there are mistakes. Unlike the traditional method, Mindomo allows you to customize the concept maps just like what you want. You can change the shapes, colors, font, size, and background. At the same time, you can also add some items such as images, icons, videos, notes, links, and others. You only have to drag and drop things you need to use to the map.  

Suitable for All Types of Tasks 
Mindomo develops concept map software to help various tasks. You can use this software for managing risk management tasks. The concept helps you to learn more about the simple definition of risk management, uses, process, and others. You can visit the official site, copy, and customize the risk management concept map as you wish. The concept map software is also suitable for kids, math divisions, fishbone diagrams, and enzymes. You can even learn how to make various coffees by using this concept map.

Works with Your Team Members 
You can’t only work with Mindomo concept map maker software by yourself but also with your team members. That’s why it is an effective software for business owners who want their employees to work effectively and maximally. You can create or work with the concept map in real-time as well as edit it together. Indeed, a distance meeting is not a problem anymore. The playback history feature allows all the changes of the maps anytime other members change it. 

More Sharing Options
Once you finish working with concept map software, you can share the maps with specific people. You can let all people see the map if it is for the public. In the case of business or institution, you can also share the maps only with people who have to view it. At the same time, you can also let only editors who can see the maps. Indeed, you don’t need to get confused with the safety because you can set the sharing option just like what you want. 
Turn A Concept Map Into Other Types of Diagrams
There is a case that you should change the maps into specific diagrams. Nowadays, you don’t need to take too long only to do it. You only have to create a mind map first. Once it is done, you can convert it into a concept map. Then, you can also convert it into a Gantt chart or other diagrams in a few seconds. This software helps project planning activity a lot. 

The point is that you can get a lot of benefits. You can even get benefits that you didn't think of before. Concept map maker by Mindomo will solve your problem in creating attractive and useful concept maps. You can finish the process faster due to the easy-to-use features even if you are a first time user.