HP is a well-known organization that is well known for its amazing hardware as well as software services. HP printers are something that you can see in every office, house, and other areas. The reason behind this is the quality of printers provides by HP. Today more than 300 million people use HP printer across the world. 

When someone buys a new printer, then it should need to set up to start is working with a specific device like a computer, mobile, laptop, and more. We analyzed that people find many problems while setting up their new printer, or we can say while pairing the HP printer with the device. So, HP released their set up pages to resolve all the problems of the HP printer users. This page all the solution to setting up printer problems. 

In this article, we will figure out how you can set up your new HP printer with the help of the HP set up page.

Steps To Set Up HP Printer Quickly And Easily

Some instructions will help you in installing the drivers and all other settings of the HP printer. Once you are done with the setup, only then will you be able to get the high-quality prints from your HP printer. So let's start with the moves to set up your HP printer in one go:

For Computer Or Wired Devices

When you got the printer delivered by HP, you need to unbox the package. In the package, you will find a printer, some instruction manuals or company manuals, and some set of cables.
First, check which cable will fit where and then gently place the printer at its locations.
Now plug in all the cables at the right place and connect the printer with the power connections.
Once you connect the HP printer with the power, switch on the printer.
Remove the ink cartages to fill the ink in them. Handle the cartages gently while filling the ink.
Now switch on the device with which you want to connect or pair the printer.
Connect the device with the internet and use a browser to open 123.hp.com/setup 3830. On this page, you will find a search input bar where you need to fill the model number of the printer. Check the front side of the printer for the model number of the printer.
Fill the model number and click on the search option. Here you will find the drivers and other software for the specific printer with a download button.

Download all the software and drivers to set up the printer. Now, install the drivers and software in the device and test the printer by printing the page.

For Mobile Phones Or Wireless Devices

Due to the smart technology now, printers came with advanced technology, which empowers it to connect with the devices without any wireless. We call it the wireless pairing of the printer with the devices. If your printer has wireless abilities and you want to connect it with the wireless modes of the devices, then you need to follow the below-stated steps:

Go to the play store or the app store of the device you want to pair.
You will easily find the "HP Print service plugin."
Install the application and launch it for further use.
The application will ask you to install "HP Smart" to continue the process. Install and open HP Smart.
Click on "Add Printer," and the app will automatically find the printer and pair it with some steps.
After the completion of the printer adding process, try to print a page in it and enjoy printing.


If the page will be printed successfully, then your printer is set up properly. But if the printer fails to print the page, then uninstall the drivers, reinstall them and try to print again. If it still does not operate, then download the software again and perform the rest of the process one more time. If you are still unable to print pages, then contact the HP printer support for technical as well as non-technical help. Set up your HP printer and enjoy high-quality printing services.