What is a torrent site? How do they function?
These questions start popping up in your mind when somebody refers you to download movies from torrent sites. Well, we shall briefly touch upon the basics of a torrent site and its functioning.

A torrent site provides you with access to millions of torrent files related to movies, songs, games, software, eBooks', etc. A torrent file will not contain the entire movie but information related to its size, location, file type, etc. These files are used to widely distribute information over the internet.

Like for any normal download, there is a server that hosts the file, which is not the case for torrenting. It has a decentralized approach for its working. The files are located on the different user's computers, and when anybody downloads a file, they are also actively uploading the file simultaneously. It means the users rely on each other.

Now you would be looking for the torrent websites, which offer safe, reliable, and legitimate torrents for your search requirements. However, you need to be cautious during downloading the torrent files.

Having a torrent file will not complete the process, you will need to have a torrent client, to make your download complete. Bit torrent and u Torrent are the two most torrent client which will facilitate your download process.

This article suggests the 5 best torrent sites in Europe 2020 to provide you with good quality torrents.

The Pirate Bay
It is one of the top torrent sites on the entire planet. You can find millions of digital media spread across various categories.  It has a huge library of high-quality movies, videos, TV shows, games, e-books, and what you can imagine.

While it has gone through many shutdowns and closures owing to copyright infringement but it has never stopped them. They always come up with some new domain and website to avoid getting blocked on search engines. It can also be accessed using mirror or proxy sites. 

They have a simple and user-friendly interface. You can also make use of the search box to search for your favorite programs and the results will be displayed rank wise. The torrent with the most seeds will be at the top followed by those having lower seeds. You can sort the torrents using other categories such as Date of upload, file size, etc. You also need no register yourself for downloading the torrents. You can find the safe, popular, and fast downloading torrents on The Pirate Bay by looking for the pink or green skulls beside the torrents. It is free for download.

Zoogle has gained popularity and is moving up on the success charts quickly. It is a torrent site that focuses on movies and TV shows. However, you can also find games, software's and eBooks' on the lists.

The layout of the site is pretty good and the navigation is very easy because of their simple and clean user interface. The best part is that there are fewer advertisements. They have an innovative way of listing the torrents. Every new release is broken down and categorized by the resolution quality and provides you the information on the torrent. Another great feature is to search by the cast when you cannot recall the movie or TV show name.

Zoogle has maintained its domain name by supporting the torrents which are copyright free. They also instantly remove any torrent which has copyright restrictions to keep the owners happy.  Therefore, they are not banned in any country directly owing to their compliance with copyright policy.

Kickass torrents
This is an alternative of the original and obsolete Kickass torrent and is on its way to being amongst the top torrent site in 2020. It is similar to The Pirate Bay in terms of having a huge library of torrents across various categories. It also has a larger community to follow.

You can find the catalog of the torrents, popular and trending torrents, and Top torrents section at the top of the page. It also highlights or tags the most recent and highly search torrents. In case your searched torrent not found in the list, it will provide a link to alternative downloads.

The mirror sites have almost similar layout and user interface. The torrents have a good number of seeders and Leechers to make your download fast. It also has fewer advertisements which makes it a good torrent site for your downloads.

This is not a torrent site but a search engine that has an index for about 100+ torrent sites. You will find a search box on its webpage and works like Google. When you search for any torrent, it will search for all the related torrents form the complete database and display the most relevant results with the torrent sites hosting these torrent files. You have an option to select the site or get a magnet link.

Torrentz2 is also great at providing you with alternatives to your search when your standard torrent site fails to show you your searched content.

You need to be cautious with your keywords as some options may get ignored. Pl. be precise so that you get your expected content/torrent.

You can select the Verified filter to ensure the verified torrents are displayed.

YTS is especially for movie lovers and does not provide torrent for any other category. You can opt for this torrent site to get high-quality videos. It is popular because of its higher number of seeders for speedy downloads and high resolution of videos. It is also an excellent choice for those having limited bandwidth since you can also get top-quality videos with small size files.

YTS will also provide you a simple and clean user interface. It offers screenshots of movies and trailers of upcoming releases with an alternative option for your search content. 

It is free to download torrents and you can read the synopsis of the movies.