As technology continues to improve, you can make changes to your home that weren’t possible before, such as installing an electric fireplace. This modern fixture could heat up your home, but is it worth installing? If you want to better understand electric fireplaces and their benefits, then this article can provide you with those answers.

What is An Electric Fireplace?

An electric fireplace is an appliance that you can add to your home to heat up a room through the use of electricity. It does so by pulling air into the fireplace, using electricity to heat it up and then using a fan to send it out into the room. This then causes the room to heat up as you leave the electric fireplace on.

Electric fireplaces focus on using your electricity to create heat without using wood, gas or other types of fuel to heat your room (see This will allow you to not focus on using those resources since it simply uses the electricity in your home. Due to this, you only have to worry about the charges to your electric bill and not any separate bills or payments.

The Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces can offer some nice benefits that will make it an appealing option to different people. Even if you do have a classic or gas fireplace, you should also consider getting an electric one. Here are some of the benefits that make electric fireplaces an excellent option as a home upgrade.

The Safest Option

Keep in mind that gas and classic fireplaces will pose some safety problems that could lead to damages, injuries and even death. A person can accidentally leave a gas fireplace on slightly to leak gas. This could then cause your home to fill with carbon monoxide. As for class fireplaces, an ember could get loose or wood could fall out, lighting the house on fire.

However, if you use an electric fireplace, then it will be your safest option. This is because you can deactivate it with the flip of a switch. Even though an electric fireplace can overheat and catch on fire, you have more control over its dangers. This is because you can turn off the electricity to prevent any damages or issues.

You Don’t Need Ventilation

Gas and classic fireplaces require ventilation when you install them. Since gas fireplaces can emit carbon monoxide, it needs to vent that gas out of your home. As for classic fireplaces, you would need to vent out the smoke produced by the wood burning, so this means that you would need to use a chimney.

Electric fireplaces don’t require ventilation. Since it heats up air in your home through electricity and releases it back into the room, you don’t have to worry about emissions or smoke getting into your house. This means that you have more flexibility with the location of the electric fireplace since you don’t need to worry about ventilation.

Avoid Lots of Maintenance

You need to check on your gas fireplace regularly to ensure that the gas works correctly and that it doesn’t leak. As for classic fireplaces, you need to continue buying wood, put it into the fireplace and keep an eye on it. On top of this, you also need to clean out the ashes on a regular basis, which will be a hassle on its own.

Since electric fireplaces simply heat your home through electricity, you won’t have to take care of maintenance as often. As long as it still turns on and heats up, you’re good to go. In a worse case scenario, it might break from overuse, but then you just leave it off and contact someone to fix it for you. This way, you minimize the work for yourself.

Is It a Worthwhile Upgrade?

Overall, it is a worthwhile upgrade, but it also depends on the amount of value that you place in the benefits. These are some excellent benefits when it comes to safety, emissions and maintenance, so many people will view an electric fireplace as a worthwhile purchase. On top of this, it can help you to spend less money on your electricity.

If you use an electric fireplace when your home gets cold, then you can heat up a single room with it instead of using the home’s heater. A heater would go through the entire house and use more electricity, so this is a more efficient method. Also, an electric fireplace could increase the value of your home, so if you sell it, you might get more money.
In short, it is a worthwhile upgrade if you like these benefits and if you want to save some money.

How to Get One Installed

If you want to get an electric fireplace installed, then you should get in contact with companies that make them. Most of them will allow you to pay for the installation along with the price of the fireplace. This way, you can easily purchase the fireplace and get it into your home with their help.

You will need to get in contact with the company’s workers and discuss where you want to install the fireplace. For example, you will need to choose a location that will work with your home’s electrical system while having enough space to fit it. You can talk with them, have someone visit your home and find the best location for your electric fireplace.


An electric fireplace might be the upgrade that you’re looking for. If you can afford it, then you should definitely look into them and see what options you have available. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits mentioned earlier while giving yourself a new way to heat up your home to the temperature that you want.