A clean and straightforward design can make any app and website look more beautiful and easy to navigate. It can make the customer and user satisfaction. Pure and simple design always catch everybody's eyes. There are many clean design examples such as ADIDAS, MOXHE, FAKE MUSIC, etc. 

You have to make something unique that will give a reason to the people to choose to click on your app icon consciously.

Make it easy:  simple, secure, and clean design experience on mobile and other apps, will give the users the satisfaction they are badly looking for and an excellent association with your brand and user service. Smooth navigation and clean, minimalistic design are the core of any popular app and site.

Smooth navigation: navigation is one of the cores of clean design. As a user, I can tell you that I will always pick a stable navigation app over other useful apps. Users go to any site because they are always looking for something specific. If you have a clean navigation user can easily find out the needed thing. As an example, think of two apps, uber and Lyft. Both apps will provide you the same service, but the users of uber are way better than Lyft. Because of the clean and easy navigation. 

Minimalistic design: Minimalistic and clean design can be the best thing what will impress the users. People could quickly glance at your plan, get a beautiful feel for it, and think of where your app is ready to lead them. Minimalistic design easily allows the users to find out what they are looking for, and it can quickly guide them to where they want to go. If you create a clean and minimalistic website, your app users will love it because it will be accessible on the brain to decide between limited options that can take them anywhere.

Simplicity:  Users do not usually need any art when it comes to app design and especially mobile app design. Because sometimes your art design may get on the way of the users of what they are trying to find. You have to satisfy your users with your simple plan.

Loading times: you must have to use a clean and simple design to make your app faster than other sites and apps. It will increase your users and fan base. People always love a faster website and faster app. 

Follow the trend: the trend is something you must follow if you want to make a popular app. you have to create a website, but you have to support it. It will be a perfect combination that will make your site and app looks beautiful. 

User-Friendly and relaxing: you have to design apps that will make your users feel more relaxed and comfortable. All users want comfort, and you have to give it to them by delivering exceptional and clean design.

These are the things you have to consider before creating any design. Clean design is the most popular and necessary thing to use in any apps and website. If you are an app creator and developer, you must use a clean and simple design. Clean design with easy navigation will give the users the satisfaction they are looking for in any app or website.