An unknown number always disturbing you. Then no more worries. You will get the solution now. Truecaller Premium Mod APK is just for you. It will take away all your fears. 

Alternative Dialer can manage all your SMS, calls, and applications. So it is a cause for concern. But Truecaller Premium Mod APK will give you the facility to make free premium calls and SMS. As time goes by, technology is becoming sophisticated. 

People want to maintain trade relations with each other at home and abroad. So technology has gifted them in a variety of ways. And with the help of this, some dishonest traders are taking a lot of money in a big way. 

So at this time, you need a trusted dialer—also a trusted dialer Truecaller Premium Mod APK. Scandinavia AB contracted Truecaller Premium Mod APK software in 2009, and BlackBerry first launched it in July 2009. The Apple brand started on Android after getting numerous supporters. 

Amazing features of Truecaller Premium Apk:

Truecaller Premium Mod APK v11.11.6, Downloaded by 500M+ users, last update: 11 June 2020, Category: Communication. 

Unique design: The caller screen of Truecaller Premium Mod APK is full-sized. The screen stays clean.

Truecaller Premium Gold membership: If you want to hold on to your other users, you will need a profile. And in this case, Truecaller Premium Gold Membership is what you need. 

One of the significant aspects of the golden premium is that when you make a call, your profile name will appear in a gold shiny caller ID interface. For this, you have to spend 65.85 per year. Truecaller Premium Mod APK also has some great features like this. For example:

A. Golden view: This is one of the benefits for the customer. This will show a gold symbol next to your profile picture. This will make your profile brighter.

B. The advantage of knowing who is visiting your profile: This feature allows you to find out who is searching for your ID quickly. They can easily find your ID if they have Truecaller Premium mod apps. For searching an id, you need a name and a number. Another way to search is by email, address, and phone number. You will receive a notification whenever someone searches for your ID.

C. Incognito Feature: This feature is only valid when you want to warn a user that is not a premium user. It can be said that Truecaller premium users will get more benefits from premium users.

D. Ad-free facility: Users are annoyed with an issue of the improved version of any app. And that is advertising. Truecaller Premium Mod APK has no such problem. This is a completely ad-free version of the app you get as a user.

E. Additional communication request facility: We have to request to get a number, address, email while looking for someone's ID. This is an essential advantage for protecting users' information. You will get the chance to make this request for free.

F. Spam blocking: The spam feature allows you to avoid unexpected calls. This will protect your information from unfamiliar IDs. Keep you connected to the people you want.

Some more eye-catching features will benefit you: the convenience of charging against the offender, recording, and sending the necessary information.

This will keep you away from blocked people and connect you with valuable users. This will give you the gift of a secure communication system. Truecaller Premium is an app that works on your Android device and detects messages, calls. 

It informs the user about different types of work overall the world. Millions of people use this app and believe. So use trying this app. Truecaller Premium Mod APK requires no money to access the Play Store. To get its features, you buy their premium association. It will cost you $8 per year. If you want the golden version, then it will take 65.85 / year.


1. Is Truecaller Premium hack app highly safe? 

Yes, it is used by 250 million people. They are not having any problems. You can also use it without fear.

2. How can you sweeten your number?

Go to Truecaller Premium's listing page. Then enter your phone number with your country code. Agree on the list.


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