Cybercrime is one of the biggest global challenges in this age of technology. Companies that value their data and information systems actively invest in cybersecurity assets. Most businesses have even hired accredited cybersecurity professionals to help safeguard those systems. Every day, internationally recognized professional organizations like (ISC)2 engage in offering exams and certifications to cybersecurity specialists. For this reason, today we want to take you through one of their credentials, the CISSP.

Overview of CISSP Exam and Certification 

The CISSP refers to the Certified Information Systems Security badge. As a candidate for this CISSP, getting this certification means that you have multiple IT capabilities. Some of those talents include the ability to create, adopt, and administer the latest cybersecurity programs. There is only one exam you need to do to earn the badge, which is also known as the CISSP cert exam. The path to getting this (ISC)2 accreditation is also straightforward. Here's what you need to do to get your badge:

Ascertain that the CISSP credential is appropriate for you;
Do the registration and prep for the exam;
Acquire the certification;
Become a member of (ISC)2 community.

However, there is more about this CISSP exam that you should be aware of. One thing that you must keep in mind that there are two language options for this assessment. These options include the English version and the Non-English version. The CISSP English version comprises of 100 to 150 exam questions, which will take you about three hours to complete. The formats of tasks in English will include multiple choice and advanced innovative questions with the passing score of 700 points out of 1000.

The Non-English version contains 250 multiple choice & advanced innovative questions that you will have to finish for 6 hours. This exam is available in Simplified Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, and Japanese. The passing rate for this version of the assessment is the same as for the English one.

Best Job Roles and Salaries That CISSP Cert Can Offer

As a holder of the CISSP certification, you will have access to a large number of career opportunities. A few of those job roles include: 

A security analyst;
A network architect;
A security consultant.

According to, an average CISSP badge holder can earn an annual salary that equals $112k, even though the maximum that can be offered to you by Science Applications International Corporation is $157k.

What Are Best Strategies for Your (ISC)2 CISSP Test?

Now that you know all the necessary facts about the CISSP assessment, let’s see into the ways you can opt for to prepare for this exam:

Search for the CISSP and its key requirements

First of all, when you are sure that you will sit for the CISSP exam, you must find every possible detail about it. For example, you may face such information that a candidate needs about five years of experience and knowledge of two or more domains under the (ISC)2 Common Body of Knowledge to be able to pursue the badge. Moreover, anyone taking the exam needs to agree to the (ISC)2 Code of Ethics and respond to a few questions such as felony charges.

Used the available CISSP resources 

The easiest way to start your revision is with the official resources offered by (ISC)2. On their official website, you can find some training options for your CISSP assessment like classroom-based preparation, the instructor led-training, self-paced option, and self-study tools that include practice tests, study guides, and textbooks.

Diversified revision

After using resources offered on the (ISC)2 website, you can turn to ExamSnap. On ExamSnap you may take free practice tests and acquire the paid CISSP Premium Bundle. This bundle is made of exam questions from previous takers of the CISSP test. This package will cost you $39.97. It contains 289 expert-verified exam questions and answers, 62 video lectures, and a study guide of 1471 pages. To open these practice tests you will need the VCE Exam Simulator.

Used Revision Groups

You can try out the CISSP cert boot camp where you will spend six days on the exam preparation with the group. The best part about studying with the group is that members raise key questions during their revision. The result is that by the time you will sit for the exam, you will be conversant with all the domains of this test. 

Had a plan for tackling your exam

Failing assessments is easy when you do not have a plan. So, having one can increase your chances of passing the test form the first attempt. For instance, you simply start with the easy questions, then the ones you 100% know. Then you tackle the ones you are doubtful about. Finally, you finish with the challenging ones. By then, most questions will be successfully addressed by you. 

Had enough sleep the night before the test

Taking the CISSP in English takes 3 hours but could go up to six hours if you do the Non-English version. Try to rest the night before the exam to ensure you are more energetic during the real test. It will definitely work, especially if you have to sit for six hours.


Becoming a certified IT specialist puts you ahead of other competitors during a job interview. An IT certification like the CISSP is highly respected, and as demonstrated above, you can get you good income with it. Enroll for yours today and start enjoying such perks. And we hope that our strategies for exam prep described in this post will assist you in this!