All you need and what you should do

Having been thwarted twice by the player, Glough nefariously tries to enact one final master plan to take over Gielinor. Now he’s amassing a monkey army, which he’ll combine with his troops through an uneasy alliance with ogres and trolls. He’s disappeared to enact this evil plan, and it’s up to you to stop him. New opportunities to earn OSRS gold and more rewards are at stake!

Here are some handy tips and tricks to help you complete Monkey Madness 2.


Monkey Madness 2 has five chapters. Each one requires you to do different things, from detective work to defeating bosses.

Chapter 1

Talk to King Narnode Shareen in the Grand Tree. You must have all the requirements (completion of certain quests and levels with no boosts) to start this quest. Glough has disappeared, so you must find out where he went. Investigate his house for clues!

His house is to the southwest of the Grand Tree. Climb up the ladder and then the tree on the other side of the house. Investigate the tree branch to get a handkerchief. Now go to the Gnome Stronghold’s most northwestern staircase where Glough’s crying wife, Anita, is.

When you ask her what’s wrong, she’ll say that her husband might be seeing another woman. Say that he might be in trouble and you could help her. She’ll then confess to hearing voices in a higher room of his house she couldn’t reach.

Go back to Glough’s house, and climb up twice to reach the hidden room. There’s a hidden switch in the gnome statue, so activate that. Search the cupboard for a book on spyology, which details how to decrypt spycraft encrypted notes. The crates to the northwest will reveal a brush, and the ashy remains of fire will give you a mysterious note.

To read the note, you should have a lemon, grapes, mortar and pestle, as well as the brush from your sweep of the room. Crush the lemon with the mortar and pestle. Be careful not to right-click the lemon first, as that will consume it. Apply the lemon juice to the note. Use the note on a lit candle, or the candles around the room. Crush the grapes and apply the juice to the brush. Use the juice-coated brush on the note to reveal a scrawled note written in ancient Gnome.

If by this point you lost the translation book, you can talk to King Narnode to get it again. Otherwise, get it from your bank. Once you have it, you can use it on the note. Talk to the king again, and he’ll suggest you go to the book’s author, Anita.

She will translate the note for you. Read it and talk to the king. You’ll find out it was Assistant Le Smith who sneaked Glough out. Find Assistant Lori south of Glough’s tree to figure out where Assistant Le Smith went. He doesn’t know where Le Smith is and recommends you talk to Auguste in Entrana.

Use the balloon to get there faster, and save an extra log for the return trip. Don’t forget to bank your weapons and armor before doing so! Auguste will tell you Le Smith was lost during a balloon trip to Ape Atoll. Once you tell the king so, he’ll send you there to talk to Garkor.

Chapter 2

Warning: Ape Atoll is a dangerous place. Be sure you have food, antidotes, super combat potions, stamina potions, and prayer potions. One-click teleport and combat equipment are good to bring as well. You’ll also need a Gorilla or Ninja Greegree and an M’speak Amulet.

For the dungeon, you’ll need a light source, a pickaxe, and a slash weapon. The latter two won’t be needed if you have the right level to go through the Agility route.

Head to the northern area of the island. Wear your greegree and amulet. Garkor is on the eastern side of the area. He’ll tell you to talk to King Awowogei. You can ask the king about his military plans, but he’ll refuse and say he’ll only talk to Kruk. You’ll have to find him and make a greegree out of his skin as a disguise.

Some monkey archers on a hill west of the main gate might know where he went. One of them will tell you Kruk’s been disappearing from his post. Also, there might be a clue where he went at the bottom of the hill. You’ll find tracks there, and following those will lead to a trapdoor to Kruk’s Dungeon.

For those with a high enough Agility, they can go the safer route. To start it, go south, then east. You’ll find some ‘Dodgy Ground’ which marks the beginning of the obstacle course. Find the correct route using trial and error. Note: If the words ‘Something about this route feels wrong…’ appear, you’re on the wrong path.

When you fall through a trap, maniacal monkeys will attack you. The first two sections will drop you to ones using melee. The next two sections have monkeys that use ranged. The last will be the same as the first two. Keep track of which section you’re in to keep your prayers matched up. Find the vine that lets you climb back up to try again.

The correct path is randomized for every player. Just clear the obstacles and collect the key so you can unlock the door blocking the way. If you need to teleport out to the bank or die before reaching the end, you’ll have to find the key again. You can take a second one to save time.

The alternate route (‘Tanking route’, as it is called) makes you go around the long way. Your primary obstacles in this route are rocks (cleared by Pickaxes) and spiderwebs (cleared by slash weapons). Since this route wraps around the dungeon, it’ll be pretty easy to navigate. Go along the route, avoiding the monkeys and clearing obstacles. If you find a spiderweb that’s ‘too strong to slash’ that means you’re going the wrong way.

You’ll come across three chests along this route. At least two of them contain a Combat Damaged Key, which is needed to unlock a door further in. With a high enough Thieving skill, you can just pick the door, though.

Traps such as dart dispensers are past the door. You can disable them for a short time to get through. If you cannot, you’re going the wrong way.

These two routes converge on the north end of the dungeon. Players from the Agility route should go west, as going east will lead them to the Tanking route instead.

Before reaching Kruk, there is one last vine and Dodgy Ground section players from both routes have to go through. But first, find a strange wall after the vine but before the Dodgy Ground to open a shortcut to the entrance. You can use this so you can replenish supplies for the boss fight and skip the obstacle course when coming back.

Now, you’re at the boss fight. It commences after some dialogue. Kruk hits hard and has no particular weakness. The recommended strategy is to hit him at range to keep out of his melee attacks. He can still use some ranged attacks, so use the Protect from Ranged prayer. Keep your health above 40 to survive his attacks. Alternatively, you can melee him with a high enough combat level. Use Piety, Protect from Melee, and some sharks (just in case).

This fight is instanced, so any unprotected items will be lost upon death. Keep that in mind while fighting.

Grab his paw, and move on to the rope on the western end of the chamber. You’ll end up in a familiar building you hid in during the events of Monkey Madness 1. Wear a greegree and have some antidotes, stamina and super energy potions as well as some food on hand. Go through the tunnels and find Zooknock.

After some conversation, he’ll create the Kruk greegree for you. He warns you that there could be a side effect to taking his form. You can now speak to King Awowogei wearing your new disguise. When you do, he’ll tell you about the plans to attack the Grand Tree with forces from the ogres and the trolls.

Take this information to Garkor to finish the chapter.

Chapter 3

The next thing you need to do is to break the alliance with the ogres and trolls. Challenge Kob in the Troll Stronghold and Keef in Gu’Tanoth. Defeat them in combat and they’ll promise not to help the monkeys. These battles have similar strategies, namely using Protection from Melee and safe spotting. Activate the prayer before initiating dialogue.

It’s advisable to equip weight-reducing clothing and bring stamina, energy, or super energy potions for the next leg of the chapter, before talking to Garkor. Inform him that the ogres and trolls have backed out. He will then ask you to find Assistant Le Smith, who’s in a random, usually high place. Check out rooftops and top floors of buildings.

Go through the dialogue with him, and he’ll tell you about the fleet the king is assembling for an attack on the mainland. Talk to Garkor and then head to the northwestern coast of the island. While wearing Kruk’s greegree, talk to the monkey on a rowboat.

You’ll arrive at a platform where your disguise disappears. What follows is a stealth mission where you have to avoid guards, collect satchels, fill it with explosives, and plant them on strategic points. Guards have a line of sight about 2-4 tiles in front of them, including the one they’re on, so be wary!

Follow the path until you arrive at a ladder on a dead end. Take note of the ladder you found along the way. Climb the dead-end ladder and go south until you find another one. Go down and get six satchels. Climb up again, and go down the dead-end ladder. Remember that first ladder? Climb up that one, follow the path and go down the next ladder you find. Fill all the satchels with gunpowder from the barrel.

Now comes the hard part: planting the bombs! The main strategy to not get caught is to not rush. Otherwise, you’ll need to replace explosives. If caught, guards will push you toward the water, soaking the gunpowder, rendering them useless. You have to go back to get more.

From the gunpowder barrel, climb up the ladder and go south to plant your first bomb. Go back north to the first ladder you’ll encounter, and go down. Moving toward the dead-end ladder, there is a safe nook where you can plant your second explosive satchel.

Climb up the dead-end ladder and move west, swing through a vine, and move north then east. At the end of that corridor is another bomb site. Go back and move all the way south then east and climb up the ladder. Follow the corridor and you’ll find another site along the way.

All the way at the end of the corridor is your fifth bomb planting location. Return to the bottom floor, back to your starting point. Along the way is another nook that is the last site to leave explosives.

Of course, you can plant them in any order. Once you’ve set all of them, your character will say something. The most important thing to remember is to not teleport out of the area once you’re done. The satchels you’ve set will stay even if you get caught by guards, leave through the ladder you came in, or log out. You can even have the guards push you down for an easy way to the ground floor.

Talk to Garkor when you’re done. You’re going to access Glough’s lab through Kruk’s Dungeon. Since you have Kruk’s greegree, you can use some monkey bars to the north when you have it equipped. Enter the passage north and walk through the giant doors. Ride the Stunted Demonic Gorilla and go down the stairs.

Three Tortured Gorillas roam the area, and Glough is in a cage. He’ll ask you to send the gorillas back to their cages. You have to attack them with your gorilla mount up to a certain HP threshold and then they’ll do so.

Glough will then tell you that the mutagen is still unstable. You can ask him a few more questions, and then he’ll pull a lever and leave. Once he’s gone, dismount from your friendly gorilla ride and take off your disguise. Take the Charged Onyx out of the machine in the north. Using a hammer and chisel, reverse the flow of energy, transforming it into a Deconstructed Onyx. Put it back in the machine, and check the incubator.

Some gorillas back in Kruk’s Dungeon drop hammers and chisels if you didn’t bring any. Remember to collect them before going to the lab.

Return to Garkor. He’ll tell you to report to King Awowogei that alliances have broken down, and the mutagen is still too unstable to use. When you do so, the king will cancel the attack and demote Kruk. Talking to Garkor after this will initiate a cutscene where Glough proceeds with his plans anyway.

Chapter 4

Returning to the Grand Tree, you warn King Narnode that Glough is attacking with the airship. He will ask you to recruit Nieve to help repel his forces. She’s found by the Stronghold Slayer Cave. Walk around with her, and Tortured Gorillas will appear. Defeat four and go back to the king. If Nieve disappears, she’ll be waiting for you outside the Grand Tree. Otherwise, use the ‘Call Follower’ button or log out then log in. She should appear afterward.

The king will command the 10th squad to deal with the gorillas on the surface, while you and Nieve investigate the crash site. Report to Garkor before doing so. Going in, you’ll see that Glough survived the crash along with his best experiments. Then an instanced fight with Tortured Gorillas and Demonic Gorillas begins. The latter will appear when you defeat the former.

One strategy is to use Nieve to defeat the stronger Demonic Gorillas. Tank a few hits from them until she attacks, then use a safe spot technique to trap them with her. Otherwise, you’ll have to cycle through protection prayers as these gorillas can use all three attack styles. They will also have the ability to use a Protect from Melee prayer, so bringing a back-up weapon style is recommended.

Remember to bring only what you can afford to lose as dying in this fight will result in losing your unprotected items!

Chapter 5

Glough drinks his own mutagen, transforming into an abomination. Nieve will try to attack him and subsequently meet her end when a boulder falls from the wall she crashes into. You will have to fight Glough alone. Resupply your potions and food, as a difficult fight is coming up, even for high-level players. It’s also an instanced fight, so the same warnings apply.

If you leave the area through any method available (going through the exit, teleportation, dying), the fight will reset back to the first phase. Read through the whole strategy before moving forward.

Glough has three phases, with each phase having a designated room. In the first, he uses melee, which puts him at a disadvantage against ranged or magic. He moves on to the second room at 75% health. Upon doing so, he’ll start using ranged attacks as well as a melee stomp. You may safe spot him using a ranged weapon that can attack from 10+ tiles away.

Another strategy is to lure him back into the first chamber. If you lure him far enough, he stops doing anything, making for an easy target for a ranged beating. The next phase begins when his health drops to 50%.

There are quite a few strategies to use for his third phase. You can either stick to a ranged/magic or melee style, or switch between the two. The reason for this is because of his gimmick ability of either pushing you away or pulling you toward him. Both of those attacks can deal massive damage, though the latter is a combination of magic and melee. If you have the proper prayers up, you only get about half of the total damage.

If you’re sticking to melee, keep your Protect from Melee up, and turn off Auto-Retaliate. He’ll only send you flying if you damage him, so only attack him when you’re sure you can survive the blow. Bring along a Ring of Recoil to help you with damaging him.

When sticking to ranged/magic, keep Protect from Magic up, and stay one square to his left. When he pulls you in, quickly return to that tile to his left and continue attacking. Bring along some combo foods and one-click foods. That’s because the time it takes to return to your position and use a potion might not be enough to counteract the damage you get.

For the switching strategy, just react to his attacks. If he pulls you in, cast Protect from Melee and wail on him. When he pushes you away, cast Protect from Magic and use ranged attacks. Whips, the Toxic Blowpipe, and Dragon or Crystal Halberds are the best weapons for this strategy. Of course, you shouldn’t forget your potions and food as well.

There is another high-level strategy to use for this fight, but it requires intimate knowledge of the game’s .6 tick combat system and a very good connection. The method actually lets you defeat him without taking damage yourself! However, if you mess up your timing you get massive damage instead. Look it up if you’re interested.

When you’ve defeated Glough, the cave will start to collapse. Don’t worry, Zooknock will teleport you out in the nick of time. You tell him what happened inside, and he’ll offer to teleport you to King Narnode so you can report to him. After doing so, the king will tell you that Awowogei has offered to come and set up a peace treaty. He has accepted, and a cutscene of this historic event plays.

With that, you’ll have completed Monkey Madness 2. You get experience for your skills, 4 quest points, and a slew of other rewards. Congratulations on completing a Grandmaster difficulty quest! Maybe now you can go back to farming OR selling OSRS gold.