Most website traffic to your law firm will come from organic search results. That’s why the team at Gladiator Law Marketing invest in SEO services and marketing for law firms. SEO will improve your law firm’s search engine rankings and will help increase visibility and leads. 

If you own or run a law firm, you may be thinking when you should hire an SEO company to handle your law firm website. Every law firm can benefit from SEO; however, you will only see results if you have the ideal SEO strategy.

You will also produce the top results if you hire an SEO company that specializes in law — they know who your audience is and how to target them.

If you think when should you hire an SEO company to handle your website, consider what opportunities you will miss if you don’t. 

When Local Audience is your Target

The search engine gives accurate results to its queries, and the reason to use SEO is to appear first, or at least on top of search results. Practices that target immediate need areas of the law, such as criminal law, bankruptcy, and personal injury, as well as other similar areas, reach their clientele better by being on top of search results for those specific areas. 

Now, for example, when we look at the search term “Vermont DUI Attorney,” — while not every DUI attorney in Vermont will be on the first page of the search results, odds are, those law firms that use SEO will be seen more than those who do not, and will also get far more calls. 

If you want your law firm to reach on top of search engine results pages, you should hire a good SEO company to do this job for you.

When Your Content Needs Improvement

Even though being on the top of search engine results is not a high priority for some law firms, your law firm must have content that distinguishes it from the crowd. Your website content acts as your introduction to many potential clients. The impression it makes help earn trust and respect, and even influences a doubting Thomas. Great and unique content is a highly networking tool. It is what makes the difference if a potential client will choose your law firm or some other one.

If your firm website content is written poorly, it will hurt your reputation, and return several steps back gains made through SEO. So, you will lose potential clients. 

An SEO company will help your law firm improve its content. It will deliver well-written content, interesting content, informative content, and useful content to help increase your firm’s recognition, establish authority, cement your reputation — in the process motivate the audience to contact you.

When you hire an SEO company, it lets your audience get to know you through articles, blog posts, press releases, videos, comments, e-books, and social media. 

Great content helps your audience understand the law, keeps them informed of changes to relevant laws and codes, updates them of accomplishments your law firm has achieved, and also provide insight into relevant cases and those that set legal precedence.

When You Need Link Building Strategy

You will only get so far by publishing great content, take on SEO, and clean up technical SEO issues. But also, when you employ a link building strategy, the sky will be your limit, even in very competitive fields. Most law firms in the legal industry ignore link building. Your firm may be doing link building, but it is using outdated practices.

When you hire a good SEO company to handle your law firm website, they will spend time reserve engineering the competition to come up with a link building strategy and identify opportunities based on the analysis.

The finest links are usually earned; either through outreach or publishing link-worthy content.

When you want to get More Insight about Website Marketing

When you hire an SEO company to handle your law firm website, you will also gain insight into your website marketing. For example, you will get to learn and know about some general knowledge of how SEO works and Google’s search updates.

When you look to hire an SEO specialist in San Diego California  to handle your law firm website, find a company that has real practical experience working with other law firms. You can check for references; ideally, from a client, they’ve worked with for 3 or more years. A longer relationship indicates they have great success with the client.