There was a time when everything you posted online could haunt you for the rest of your days. Today, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram let you get rid of some content you created for good. Here is a little guide on how to delete these posts and create new better stories.

Lose the bad posts and create great new ones

Whether you just want to do a quick clean-up of your profile or start afresh, there are ways to remove old social media posts. Social media has changed a lot in a few years. The tendency is now to catch a moment of the present instead of looking back to the past, in nostalgia. That is why the main players of the industry have adapted accordingly and let you delete the most painful and embarrassing moments visible on your accounts, so that you can add new and better looking ones.

To do so, you can go to and download this story editor which will let you create posts, just like a professional. You’ll be able to edit anything you want, right on the app, from fonts to colors and you can even change the format on the pro version. It lets you choose from a large database of animated templates, and you can also add photos or videos inside the story. Once it is ready, Mojo App will let you share them on any platform.

How to remove posts

So, you’ve decided to get rid of some of the posts on your various accounts. Before you start deleting them, you have the possibility, on all of the three majors, to back them up before removing them from your page. That way, if you want them to reappear at a later date, you can get them back in a few clicks.


You can delete posts on Instagram, but you’ll have to go through them one by one. Just go to your profile, select the post, tap on the three dots and click Delete. If you’d rather keep them but make them unavailable to viewers, use the archive option.


When you click on your avatar (top left), tap on the three dots and continue onto Activity log. By choosing Manage activity and Your posts, you’ll have access to all of them and you can choose the ones to delete.


Just like Instagram, you’ll have to go through tweets one by one, if you wish to remove some. To do so, click on the downward arrow next to the tweet and choose Delete. Repeat as many times as you need to, for all unwanted posts.