Still Deciding on Which Washing Machine to Bring Home? Here are Some Factors to Consider

Deciding on the type of washing machine that you want to have at your home can be a daunting task, looking at the number of models that are available in the market these days. To get the right one for you, you need to find out what exactly are your requirements.

It’s important to consider what you want out of a washing machine, and ask yourself questions like-

The Price factor – How much can you spend on the washing machine?

Loading capacity – How many clothes do you intend to wash at a time?

Functionality and Requirements– What all do you expect your washing machine to do for you?

Loading options – Do you prefer loading from the side or top?

Rent or Buy- Would you prefer buying one for you or would you prefer a washing machine on rent?

Water consumption- Is ‘saving water’ a concern for you?

Considering the above factors, now let us find out the various options available in the market.

Types of Washing Machines

Washing machines are real time savers. They save a lot of our time and effort by doing the job for us. Not anymore are we required to do laborious hand washing, when it comes to doing the laundry. But with so many machine types ranging from semi automatic to fully automatic, top load to front load, it is sometimes quite challenging to choose the one you need. So let us first know about each one of them.

Semi Automatic Washing Machines

Unlike their fully automatic counterparts, these are only partially automatic. This calls for the user to do some of the things manually. You will need to fill up the water in the tub before you start the machine. Also once the washing is done, you will need to move the washed clothes in the adjacent tub inside the machine to dry them up. Semi-automatic washing machines are always loaded from the top.

These entry-level machines are a good option as they are between a fully automatic washing machine and hand washing. The semi automatic washing machine price is lesser than what you need to pay for the fully automated one, depending on the model you choose. One big benefit of a semi automatic washing machine is that it saves you a lot of water during washing and rinsing.

Semi automatic machines can be of two types, single tub or the twin tub. In the single tub design, all the washing and drying is done in one tub. Its tub has an outer and an inner layer with holes that allow the water to drain. These are simpler to operate and they also occupy less space. The twin tub version has two different tubs in it. One tub is used for washing the clothes. Once the clothes are washed, they need to be moved manually to the other tub, where they are spin-dried.

Pros of Semi Automatic Washing Machine

1. Saves water- A semi-automatic washing machine is water efficient. It is so because, in this type, you can add water manually, so you can be sure how much water is needed. In this way it helps avoid any wasting of water.
2. It can be stopped or started at any point- Thus if you are worried about power cuts, the good news is that a semi-automatic washing machine can be stopped or started at any point during the washing cycle.
3. It gives you more control- You can add clothes during a washing cycle and also determine how much water you should be using in each wash. It also has its advantage in the way that you can control your treatment of different fabrics. You can also treat different fabrics differently by deciding.

Now Let us Discuss Some of the Downsides of the semi Automatic Washing Machine

1. It consumes a lot of user’s time. You have to be watchful throughout the washing cycle as you have to switch it on, then once the clothes have been washed, have to make sure you start the process of drying them up manually. In the one with two tubs, you also need to take out the washed clothes and put it in the other tub to dry them up. In this way a semi-automatic machines take more of your time.
2. Quality of wash is comparatively low- In a semi-automatic washing machine; cleaning results are not as effective as compared to the fully automatic washing machine.
3. Rough on fabric- A semi-automatic washing machine is rougher on the fabric. The clothes can get tangled and caught up during the washing process. For the delicate fabrics, the semi-automatic variant may not be best suited.
4. Risk factor- A semi-automatic machine is risky. The operator needs to be very careful especially while moving the clothes from the washer to the drier. The electricity connection has to be disconnected in the middle of the process and the user has to bear in mind to dry his hands properly before touching the power plug to turn off the electricity.

Fully Automatic Washing Machines

As the name suggests, it comes with several washing modes and programs which are available to you at the push of a button. Just pick up a program and turn it on and everything is done automatically. If you compare it to the semi-automatic version, the price is going to be higher. But the washing process is a lot easier. It also comes with a built-in heating system and delivers more thoroughly cleaned clothes as compared to the semi-automatic washing machine.  

Types of Fully Automatic Washing Machines

There are two types of automatic washing machines. The top load washing machine, where clothes are loaded in the machine from the top, and the front load washing machine, where they are loaded from the side. Now let us explore these two types further.  

Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

As compared to the front load washing machine, it is narrower, and it can be loaded from the top by lifting the lid. A top load fully automatic washing machine is easier to use. As you can load the clothes from the top, there is no need to crouch down. As the hatch does not come in contact with the water during washing, there is no chance for the mold to build up. They also offer the option to pause the washing, so you can also drop in any extra laundry that you missed up initially

A Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine Has Its Pros, and They are as Follows

1. The cost is less as compared to the front load variant.
2. It is lighter in weight and hence more portable in comparison.
3. When in the market, you will find a wide range of top load washing machines to choose from.
4. Due to its better ergonomic design, you don’t have to bend down to load and collect the clothes.

Now that We Have Seen the Pros, Let us Look at Some of the Cons

1. It consumes more water.
2. For the machine to complete the automatic cycle, it needs a running source of water attached to it.
3. It has fewer choices of programs and features as compared to the front load machine.

Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Front load washing machines are a newer concept and hence they are more expensive than the top loaders. They come with a central pulsator, which is gentle on the fabric. The washing happens in a tumble motion and not in a scrubbing motion. Instead of loading the clothes from the top, these come with a door on the front side.

The Pros of a Front Load Washing Machine Are

1. The wash quality of the clothes in the front load machines is superior. This is due to their long wash cycle and tumble wash.
2. As compared to the top load machine, it uses water more efficiently.
3. It has more options for cycle settings.
4. It is economic in electricity consumption.

Now Let’s See the Downsides of a Front Load Washing Machine

1. As compared to any other version, it is more expensive.
2. It can have long wash cycles.
3. Heavier and hence less portable.
4. It occupies more space as compared to the top-load machine.

The Big Question: Whether to buy or get a washing machine on rent?

Once you have decided which washing machine you want, the other question is whether to buy a washing machine or get a washing machine on rent.

Benefits of Renting a Washing Machine

For people who want to settle down in a place for a long time, buying a washing machine may seem like a good idea. On the other hand, getting a semi-automatic washing machine on rent or a fully-automatic washing machine on rent is also a good option these days. More and more people want to rent their household items these days rather than spending a lot of money to buy them.

Let us now have a look at some of the benefits of having a semi automatic washing machine on rent or a fully automatic washing machine on rent.

1. Suitable for People Who Want to Try First- Even for people who want to buy a washing machine but are still not sure about which type of washing machine they want to put their money on, renting a washing machine can be a good alternative. Find out which one works for you. First, get a semi-automatic washing machine on rent. Use it for some time, say a couple of months, and then get an automatic washing machine on rent. Now when you have used both the variants, you would be in a better position to judge where to put your money, or if renting is working just fine for you.
2. Cost Effective- Renting is affordable and you don’t have to pay a huge amount upfront. So for people who are better off paying as they go, renting a washing machine seems to make more sense.
3. Free Maintenance- Until and unless you break it due to mishandling, you don’t have to spend money on the maintenance of your rented washing machine. For example, if the washer in the machine stops working, it will be replaced by the trained technicians from the company at no additional cost.
4. Hassle-Free Return- Once the rental period is over, the washing machine can be easily returned without any complications. Also, some renting companies offer you the facility to purchase the rented washing machine after the lease is over. So if you like your rented washing machine, you have the option to keep it. 
5. Convenient Delivery- The rented furniture comes with free delivery at your doorsteps, saving you the cost and hassle of getting it delivered on your own.

Conclusion- As far as washing machines are concerned, there are a lot of options in the market these days. The best way to decide which one you want for your household is to find out which one fits your requirement. Consider the number of people there are in your family, the space that you have in your house, the consistency of the water supply, and the money that you have at your disposal. And in case you are still confused, you can either get a semi automatic washing machine on rent or fully automatic washing machine on rent. Try them, and find out which one suits you more, and then make a decision. Because one benefit that renting has, is that you don’t need to be stuck with your decision. You can replace it with the other one if you want to.