This research suggests that people with a high level of education have higher retention rates. In the case of people with a high level of education, the ownership rate was 12%, which was much higher than the ratio of 4% of people with a low level of education.

This also applies to purchasing motivation and understanding, with 67% of those with a high level of education having 33% of those with a low level of education. One of the causes of this result is the difference in the level of knowledge about information and investment, and the level of income.

It is generally said that people with a high level of education tend to have a higher annual income and a higher proportion of those who have a strong desire to invest. Such people tend to be exposed to information on financial products and investments on a daily basis, and tend to be more tolerant of risks, and it is considered that the hurdles to investing in cryptocurrencies are lower than those with low education levels.

China's cryptocurrency ownership

Looking at the surveyed countries, China, which has been said to be thriving in mining, has a holding ratio of 3%, the lowest among the surveyed countries. Until the beginning of 2017, China overwhelmed other countries in terms of distribution volume, and the motivation to invest in virtual currency was the most active.

However, due to the Chinese government's control of virtual currency, many virtual currency exchanges have been forced to close. Also, it seems that Chinese investors were forcibly restrained from investing in virtual currencies under the guidance of the central bank.

It can be said that the results of this survey show the actual situation of the Chinese virtual currency market, which was clamped by the Chinese government. You can use bitcoin trading app to make money online, Read how to buy bitcoins online.

About those who are considering trading virtual currency in the future

According to the survey results, the percentage of "people who do not own virtual currency at the time of the survey, but are considering investing in virtual currency within the next 6 months" is 6% in India, while the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil It continues at the same rate of 5%.

On the other hand, Japan and South Korea, which showed high levels of ownership, recognition, and comprehension, were only 3% and 2%, respectively. These are people, who have a relatively high sensitivity to financial products and new technologies, and the investment in virtual currencies, centered on young people, has temporarily stopped, and the number of people who are newly entering the market is temporarily decreasing. 

According to the above survey results, there is a possibility that a large number of new users will be born depending on market trends among people in countries where the interest in virtual currencies and the percentage of actual transactions are still as low as Japan and South Korea. I can say.

Also, even in Japan, where the percentage of people considering investing in virtual currency was low at the time of the survey, it is undeniable that the market will rise and the growth will continue to increase, especially among the younger generation.

Easy to open a virtual currency account

It is a virtual currency that has the potential to grow, and is likely to be widely recognized and used over time, but to purchase it, an account is opened with a virtual currency exchange operator.

With Coincheck, you can open an account with a simple procedure, so I will show you how to do it.

Account registration

First, from the account registration page, enter the email address and password required for registration.

When the entry is complete, the URL for the screen to complete the account registration will be pasted and sent to the registered email address. Click the URL to complete the account registration.

SMS authentication

Next, perform the SMS authentication procedure. From your account, you can send a short message (SMS) containing your mobile phone number with a 6-digit "verification code".

One you enter your verification code and it is get confirmed, you account will get started. You can use it at the same moment