mSpy is a parental control monitoring software for most mobile phones running iOS and Android that allows users to monitor and log user activity on the client device. This article provides a basic overview of the functionality of mSpy app but if you are looking for a detailed mSpy review, then I suggest you read Stefan’s review. For example, parents can use this software to monitor their children’s device activity remotely to ensure their safety.

An Overview: The Best Mobile Phone Tracker

For a monitoring software to be good, it has to offer standard monitoring requirements such as logging voice calls, text messages, emails, internet browsing history and GPS tracking. Which mSpy offers. 

However, what sets mSpy apart from other monitoring software is that it can monitor popular messenger applications like SnapChat, Tinder, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Telegram, iMessage, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. What this means is that parents can access messages, pictures and videos sent and received on these applications with mSpy.

The Unique Features of mSpy App

Accurate GPS Tracking and Geofence

mSpy has a useful feature with their GPS tracking which allows parents to set up boundaries using Google Maps to create certain zones. These zones alert parents if or when their children leave or enter them. 

This feature will still work even when GPRS is switched off on the monitored device because mSpy can monitor Wi-Fi points, which allows parents to see when their children’s device connects to any Wi-Fi networks. 

Parents are also able to remotely restrict access to public Wi-Fi hotspots so that their children’s devices can remain safe and personal details won't be hacked through public Wi-Fi access.

Parental Control on Multiple Apps Access

Another feature that mSpy offers that will help parents to control what their children can access on the internet is website blocking. This allows parents to totally block access to any website they choose on the monitored device. 

They can also restrict the time spent on certain websites by adding time restrictions, so that their children can only access those websites during the time that the parents allow them to and block access when it is not during the time slot.

Sometimes monitoring activity on certain applications is not enough for parents, as there are unwanted influences on other applications that parents do not want their children to get exposed to. That is where application blocking comes in. 

Parents can also completely block access to applications they choose for their children and prevent them being exposed to bad influences such as Tinder, a dating application.

Remote Monitoring and Tracking on Internet Activities 

Parents can also monitor every keystroke on their children device with the keylogger feature. Any text being inputted on the device can be logged, be it web addresses, email, text messages and even passwords. This feature can be useful when looking up key words such as drug, sex, and other words that parents would want to pay extra attention to.

With this software, parents can monitor their children remotely and stealthily if required. mSpy works in the background without having any visible application on the intended device, which lessens the chances of their children being aware that they are being monitored.

Easy Installation - No Fuss, No Frills

Furthermore, with the help of mSpy’s support team, installation and setting up will be easy, along with any further questions or problems that the support team is able to provide assistance with. This support team offers multilingual services and operates around the clock, meaning that parents can get help from the support team anytime, anywhere.

The Packages Available for mSpy App

mSpy is a subscription-based software which offers multiple packages for parents to choose from. For parents who want only the basic features such as texts, calls logging and GPS location tracking, they can go for the basic package and pay a lower price to get just what they need. 

For those who want to enjoy all the features that mSpy offers, they can get the premium package and monitor almost everything on the intended device. They also offer a family package which allows up to monitoring of three devices.

With all the packages, parents are allowed to have unlimited device change, which means the software can be moved from one device to another such as in the event of a mobile phone change. This gives users a peace of mind with their subscription as they will not require a renewal for every change in device.

Final Thoughts

In the end, with mSpy, parents now have a safe, reliable and easy option to monitor device usage and be in control of their children’s safety and well-being. I hope that this review will be helpful for you when you are looking for a great parental control app.