Advantages and disadvantages of the profession
Guidance will help you understand if the direction is appropriate for a particular person. Before linking your future to the sphere of creating websites and advertising space for the Internet, you should assess the pros and cons of the activity.

The pros of the profession of a web designer:

no profile education is required, you can limit yourself to courses or gain all the skills yourself;
career prospects that depend specifically on the individual rather than the circumstances;
the demand for a profession that applies even to beginners;
the opportunity to work for yourself as a freelancer and not report to supervisors;
work orders can be received from all over the world;
the experience, willingness to work and quality portfolio guarantee the web designer a high salary;
the cost of opening and developing your own business is minimal;
a chance to realize your creative potential and realize any ideas.

A significant disadvantage for web designers, who work independently, is the unstable flow of orders. Employees of agencies and studios are also not protected from this. Still need to prepare for the fact that the customer will not always like the result of a professional. Sometimes creative people literally "burn out" at work because of the high degree of concentration or for a while lose their inspiration, which leads to downtime.

How to become a web designer

Deciding to devote your life to the creation of sites and work in the Internet space, you must decide on the way to achieve the goal. Modern universities offer interesting and complete web design training programs, but to achieve success in this field, a higher education diploma is not necessary. Some experts even refer to the constant variability of the field and the fact that the selected faculty does not always have time to adjust to the realities of the present time.

How to become a web designer from scratch?

If there is no desire to spend years and even months on training, you can try to master the basic knowledge yourself. This will help the materials that are available on the Internet, special programs, free box mockups, and your own intuition. The difficulty is that there are a lot of training materials and they are constantly updated, so this way of learning will have to spend a lot of time.

How much can web designers earn?

The income of staff in this area rarely consists of fixed salaries. Usually the web designer gets the amount for which he actually earned. On average, a beginner specialist can count on $ 500 per month. With a client base and experience, these revenues increase by 2-3 times. How much a professional who uses his time and skills rationally earns depends only on him. According to advanced workers, their monthly income is from $ 2,000 at minimal expense.

Web designer - is not just a person who creates websites. A true professional is able to expand the scope of activities. He can write training manuals and create training materials, recruit students for seminars and webinars. This will increase your income without losing interest in your favorite business.